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Our company carries out all types of works involving window repairs and replacements, glazing porches, attics and patios. We also include repair and installation of interior doors, skylights, siding and patio covers in this category of work.

Types of Windows

Casement Window
Sliding Windows
Single Hug Window
Bat & Boy Windows
Awning Window
Double Hug Windows
Garden Windows
Hopper Windows
Picture Windows
Round Top Windows

Windows Frame Materials


Work on window replacements begins with taking measurements of window openings and calculation of materials costs. We work with various types of windows, including:

  • Traditional single-hung or double-hung sash ones;
  • Casement windows with door-like construction;
  • Awning ones, which have hinges at their top and swing in or out of premises;
  • Skylights windows, which allow enjoying the daylight or even moonlight getting through the construction embedded into the roof;
  • Bay windows, which consist of panels of pane comprising the construction of planes at different angles.

There are many other types of windows and our professionals are able to cope with any of them.

In general, our window repair specialists work with all types of glazing apart from installations of entrance metal doors, which are carried out by other specialists. In the manufacture of such structures, we use traditional materials, such as various types of wood, as well as modern materials such as plastic and light or tenacious aluminum alloys.

When installing windows and other glass products, we use different types of seals to ensure pressure-tight joints. This in turn gives our products quite good sound and thermal insulation. Adjustable locking and coupling devices allow property owners to adjust windows, transoms and doors on their own. After seeing examples of our projects on the website, you will come to the conclusion that we carry out our work safely and thoroughly.

Our Services

Our company is engaged in window repairs and installations. We work with all basic window types and sizes. After all works are carried out (from the on-site visit of a specialist and taking measurements to the final handover), we provide a long-term warranty on the quality of work and durability of installed products.
Patio Doors
Cozy patios, where you can welcome your guests, host small parties and family gatherings are frequently included in the constructions of villas and cottages. Patio Doors installed with the help of our professionals will become a great decoration for this part of your property.
If you want your house to look like new again, we will repair or install excellent siding for it. Instead of repairing walls for a lot of money, you can use siding to hide their imperfections as well as significantly improve their appearance.
Patio Covers
Patio covers are the best option for covering yards from rain and sun. After our specialists finish the installation, these covers will become a great addition to the design of your house. Spending time in the patio will become more comfortable and enjoyable.

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