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Kitchen Remodeling
It is essential to plan every step of Kitchen Remodeling, as this room of the apartment is usually packed with various equipment, which needs to be arranged rationally.
Kitchen Refinish
Kitchen Refinishing is usually a low-cost operation that can be performed in a short time. With our help, you will make it much faster and more efficiently.
Kitchen design
Designing your kitchen to incorporate everything you want in it and exactly how you want it.
Custom Cabinetry
Cabinetry is often manufactured according to customer drawings or in accordance with client’s wishes.

The kitchen is probably one of the most frequently visited places in each home area, so many people try to keep it in great condition. Of course, it is much more pleasant to prepare the family dinner in a modern, nice looking and convenient kitchen, rather than in a worn-out one. That is the reason why so many people annually seek quality kitchen renovation services.

While searching for the best option, among all the variety of choices you will be definitely faced with Advanced Remodeling company, one of the leading contractors in Sacramento valley! For over many years our Advanced Remodeling family-owned team provides its clients with a quality, fast and affordable kitchen remodeling service. The main goal of our enthusiastic team is to do their amazing job in order to satisfy the clients. We want to see your smile when you enter your dream kitchen for the first time!

If you haven't renovated your kitchen for a while and you are already tired from searching the design ideas for your new kitchen on the internet, then we can think about the most suitable kitchen remodeling project together! Please, contact the project manager to get more information!

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How kitchen remodeler Gold River, California, can help you?

Actually, in Sacramento county, there is a wide range of different home remodeling contractors that provide its clients with kitchen remodel services, but still, despite that fact, hundreds of clients continue to choose our team. You may ask "why is that so?". Undeniable, because of the variety of benefits, such as responsibility, open-mindedness, and creativity of our co-workers!

Why choose an Advanced Remodeling contractor in Gold River? Main reasons!

Annually many of our former clients come back to choose our service of kitchen remodel because of the main benefits, such as:

Variety of design options

Maybe you have already thought about the appearance of your dream kitchen or maybe you have already searched for specific interior ideas on the internet. So of course you may have your own design wishes, which we can help you to make real!

Anyways, we understand that sometimes it can be pretty complicated and exhausting to make a design project on your own, so our team of talented designers is ready to help you with that! As for another option, you can choose an already created kitchen design project from our specialists. If you want to know more about the ready-made design options in our Gold River kitchen remodeling, you can find some nice examples of our work on our website.

Quality of work

One of the most important factors is quality, of course! Wherever you just want to change the kitchen cabinets or you have a plan to start a complete kitchen remodeling process, we guarantee our clients a fantastic job with our co-workers that have a great experience in this sphere.

Due to our extremely professional approach, as our former clients claimed, you can be calm about the result. We understand that each remodeling process can be pretty nerve-racking (especially if you have never had this experience before!), so our main goal is to hold a high standard and create a kitchen project that will seem the most attractive to you.

High-quality material

Thinking about the material is really important! Everything depends on the color you want and the tactile sensations. It only seems that it can be pretty easy to choose the right material on your own, actually, there are many pitfalls and other complicated nuances. That is why our remodeling experts are ready to give you a big variety of different useful pieces of advice. Together you will choose the highest quality materials for your future kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops!

Affordable price

In comparison with many other kitchen remodeling contractors, Advanced Remodeling provides its clients with affordable prices. In some periods of the year there are even some discounts and sales available.

Open-minded team

Thinking about the new kitchen design project is a really creative process. That is why our Advanced remodeling team consists of enthusiasts that are open to any new interesting ideas and design decisions! In addition to open-mindedness, our co-workers have a great experience in the kitchen remodeling field and understand the local building permits and laws, which is no less important.

You can also get a free consultation, where our friendly team will be pleased to answer all your questions!

Fast terms

We understand that it is pretty inconvenient not to use a kitchen for a while, that is why we try to complete each kitchen remodeling process as fast as we can. Luckily, in some cases, you can even use your kitchen during the repairs.

Although the fast speed of work is important for us, we are not supposed to lose the quality of our work.


Choosing an Advanced Remodeling company is also a good decision because of the many licenses. You can be sure that the company provides you with a total warranty and data security.


Advanced Remodeling company is located in all districts of Sacramento county. So if you live in Gold River, CA you can apply for our kitchen remodeling service!

Of course, each company is not perfect and has its own cons. As for Advanced Remodeling construction, there are not so many, but still, there are some. For instance:
  • It can happen that the designers are not able to carry out some extraordinary design ideas, but still, you can always find something alternative.
  • Of course, it will be much cheaper for you to complete the whole process on your own, but it will take much of your time and will be much more exhausting.
If you have any misunderstandings about the kitchen remodeling process you can contact our team to get more precise information!

Where Will The Money Go?

How to hire a kitchen remodeler near me?

Living in Gold River, CA, and ready for new changes in your kitchen area? Then our Advanced Remodeling team will be happy to provide you with your new kitchen design project and the construction process!

If you want to transform your kitchen space, first of all, we need to discuss all your wishes and expectations for your future kitchen. You probably already have your own specific design ideas, so our specialists will help you to concretize all your thoughts and make a proper plan for your future kitchen. To make a better plan you should share your wishes with us. Our team is always open to all new interesting ideas, so together we will create the most suitable kitchen remodeling project for you.

Another no less important step is to choose the right material for your kitchen cabinetry. Our specialists will tell you more about each material and explain whether you should choose it or not. After we discussed the choice of the material you don't need to order that on your own, it is our responsibility.

On free consultation, our manager will also help you to calculate the whole price of your kitchen remodeling. If there are any questions and doubts left, our co-workers will be pleased to explain to you all the details!

Some tips you may need if you decide to remodel your kitchen:
  • We understand that sometimes the materials can be pretty expensive. But still, it is better to choose high-quality materials rather than cheap ones.
  • Lightning is a really important factor in each corner of your home, especially in the kitchen area. So don't forget to get a quality chandelier that will perfectly light all the kitchen space.
  • When you are thinking about the plan for your future kitchen, make sure that it will be convenient and practical. To organize the space correctly, you can put some kitchen islands in your area.
  • Utilize the stuff wisely. Some items you can even use for the second time! For instance, you can try to turn your old window sills into nice bookshelves.
These are not all the tips! If you eventually decide to apply for our service, our co-workers will tell you more about other "secrets" of organized space!

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Gold River

Our Gold River kitchen remodeling is ready to provide you with different kinds of kitchen remodeling services. We will help you to install the new appliances, renew the worn-out kitchen countertops or make a new design project for your future kitchen. Together we will create such a kitchen space that will perfectly correspond to all your wishes!

If you live in the Gold River area and you want to add some recency in your kitchen area, then you can contact our Advanced Remodeling team and we will think about this problem together! On our website you can also find some reviews from our former clients, this way will help you to know more about our company!

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What to Look for in a Gold River Kitchen Remodeling Company?

Our Advanced Remodeling is ready to provide you with a big variety of kitchen remodeling services. If you need to change the kitchen cabinets, renew kitchen countertops or you have an idea to entirely remodel your kitchen, then you should really contact our company. Our talented designers can also create the most suitable design project for your future kitchen, or you can select an already made kitchen interior design.

What to consider when remodeling a kitchen in Gold-River?

The kitchen remodeling process is full of different nuances, so there are many factors you need to consider. First of all, you need to understand your budget. In a free consultation, you can discuss all the financial moments with us. Our project manager will help you to calculate the entire price of your kitchen remodel.

Another important thing you need to consider is the choice of the material. Make sure that you choose high-quality materials instead of cheap ones. Our experienced specialists will tell you more about each material.

Why hire a kitchen remodeling contractor?

Of course, you can try to complete the whole process on your own without any help, but it will be pretty hard and will take much of your time. The decision to apply to kitchen remodeling companies will definitely save your nerves!

If you are ready for any new transformation in your kitchen area, then we will help you to:

  • calculate the cost

  • create a convenient plan and provide you with different design options

  • choose the most suitable materials and order them

  • complete the construction work quality and fast.


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