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Iron Doors

The iron door is not just the guarantor of security but also aesthetically effective solution for entry into your home. People install them in places most frequently opened and closed, and it must have high mechanical strength and resistance to external influences. Most often, they are in sight and therefore become the face of your home. That is why you should choose the front door with special care.


We get the door directly from the manufacturer, and therefore the prices do not exceed the customer expectations. You can get any door to order so the design will fit your taste and needs. Please read our proposals and consult our experts if necessary. The designer solutions depend on many factors, so we always have in stock some offers, which may facilitate the choice.

We are all for our customer comfort and pay special attention to creating an improved sound insulation and thermal insulation of the door leaf, and the threshold of the doorway. The materials of which the heaters are made do not contain foreign components, and they will not do any harm to your health. The manufacturers process metal sheets against corrosion prior to final painting composition and apply the priming coat of paint. The paint is resistant to adverse weather conditions, which ensures a long product life.

For silent and easy opening and closing of doors modern hinges are used, along with door closers, and locking systems. Special seals are resistant to abrasion, chemical and mechanical stress-tight joints and prevent unwanted penetration of outside air into the house. For the same reason, it excludes the heat leakage during cool nights.

The glass panes of the door are sufficiently durable but when damaged they can be easily replaced. They are often decorated with iron works, which gives them a unique flavor.

Our Services

Single Doors
We set the Single Doors in the openings through which you do not need to move bulky items. On these doors, the forged patterns are particularly well looked, which in combination with a matte or mirror glass create a unique eye-pleasing composition. These doors are the most soundproof and have a high thermal insulation.
Double Doors
Despite the seeming fragility of openwork, Double Doors with symmetrical halves have high strength and durability. Their installation requires the bigger accuracy and the use of modern door mechanisms provides it. Complex patterns on the wings give the impression of lightness, even though they play the role of protective gratings.
Iron Front Doors
Iron Front Doors are more massive, and their metal parts provide more durability and safety. Often such doors are made up of three parts. However, their basic rectangular glazed sash. The upper part is made in the form of an arch. Forged or cast metal patterns act as a kind of reinforcing structures.
Doors With Transoms
The Doors With Transoms look particularly advantageous. Such products may be under a single transom, but often people insert them into the multiple frames. Doorway get very large, and if desired, even a massive grand piano can be delivered into the house. Often such constructions are provided with sidelights, which give this door even more attractive look.


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