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A complete Wilton home remodeling may make you feel exhausted and financially broke, especially if you do it all by yourself. This is the reason why it's much better to contact an experienced general contractor. Its specialists will remodel your home perfectly with all the necessary free estimates. For example, our custom builder company always pays attention to the wishes and needs of its clients. Regardless of what style or materials you'll select for your new interior and how much money you are going to spend on it, we'll fulfill your desires with pleasure and high-level professionalism.

We care about all our customers and do our best to bring them complete satisfaction. That's why we always do a wonderful job as remodeling contractors.

How home remodeling service provider Wilton, California can help you?

Our Wilton custom home builder company has lots of highly qualified professionals in very different areas, from plumbers and electricians to designers and painters. Such a diverse team will definitely do any kind of remodeling that you'll order, from slight wall repainting to a full-service reconstruction of your house. The full list of our home remodeling services is available on the website of our company.

We strongly advise you not to use any custom design and remodeling projects from the internet. Firstly, they may not be suitable for your own home, and secondly, you probably don't have the necessary skills and experience for such a complicated job. So, it's much better to entrust it to a professional remodeling contractor like our company. Our team of designers can easily make a low-budget kitchen and home renovation project which includes all the most necessary things.

Remember that in case your home is old, you probably have a rather little kitchen. So, if you're planning a large-scale, dream home remodeling when everything is redone from scratch, it's much more preferable to start your plan from the kitchen.

Regardless of your initial motivation — it doesn't matter if you're preparing your home for sale or your own life — hiring us is an amazing idea. We always combine an expert approach with professionalism and care.

Our custom home builder Wilton services include the renovation of flooring and basements. As with all of our other services, it's an excellent job at an affordable price.

If you want to begin planning a house remodeling, but don't know where to start, here are two useful tips for you:
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How to hire a home remodeling service provider near me?

We'll never be tired of saying that to remodel your home successfully, you need a lot of experience and professional skills. Without them, you are destined to fail. Yes, it's not the most pleasant thing to read, but it's the bitter truth. Home renovations are a very complicated process with lots of nuances that can be done only by specialists. So, hiring a home remodeling contractor is the most rational and optimal thing to do.

Take, for example, kitchen remodeling — one of the most popular remodeling types in California. A typical kitchen remodel project can cost you approximately 20000$. The time necessary for it is eight weeks or often even more. It means that you'll have to choose a remodeling company very carefully so that all this time and money won't go to waste.

So, what are the main features of a reliable home and kitchen remodeling company? How to distinguish it from dubious and poor-quality general contractors? Here are some useful tips for you.
  • Choose only from companies that have got a license and lots of experience. Always ask for the insurance certificate — at least for a copy of it. Truly reliable renovation companies are always ready to demonstrate all the necessary documents
  • A remodeling company's schedule should be flexible enough to adapt to the customer's plans and circumstances. For a good contractor, clients' convenience is everything
  • Also, such a company should not only be able to do high-quality craftsmanship and remodeling but also remove pre-existing things such as cabinets. For example, our company is super professional at this too. We can help you both get rid of everything old and install new furniture and other things. And all of this is for a very attractive price!
  • A good remodeling company should have personalized service and be able to fulfill any wishes of their customers, even the most unusual ones — of course, within realistic limits. For instance, our company can provide you with unique kitchen islands and other amazing design ideas.

A+ Construction (our company) operates in Wilton and many other places in Northern California such as West Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Elk Grove or Granite Bay area. It's got a high overall rating and lots of experience in very different fields such as plumbing, design and many other jobs. We know how to work with various types of furniture and materials. Our primary goal is to make home remodeling dreams of every single customer come true!

How to contact us? It's very simple. Just open our internet site and write your zip code, or, alternatively, call us by phone. Describe your needs and wishes, and all that's left for you is to wait for us a little bit — we'll come to your place very soon!

Home Remodeling Services in Wilton

A home or even a kitchen remodeling project should not be done hastily. Before you contact any remodeling contractors in Wilton, CA, thoroughly check everything that you need to repair or change and think of what is really necessary. To help you a little bit, we're going to give you some tips.

In most cases, truly important project details for home and kitchen remodel include:
  • Adding an extra sink — is vital for people who feel overwhelmed by their everyday kitchen chores. If you're not one of those, we advise you to repair your existing one. If you're a party-loving person and often invite friends to your home, a good option would be a minibar installation;
  • Wilton kitchen cabinets decorations, such as bigger doors.
And if you ask us what, according to our opinion, is not as great as you might think, we would name the following things:
  • First of all, it's crackled finishes. They're not considered fashionable anymore among Wilton residents, and also, these things are rather expensive;
  • A refrigerator for wine. Drinking wine might be great, but a separate fridge made solely for it is a bit unnecessary.
An important part of a Wilton custom home project is kitchen cabinets. So, we think it's important to give you some tips regarding them:
  • Don't buy custom organizers for your dream kitchen remodel. Instead, it's better to choose second-hand racks for spices, rolling out trays, and dividers for kitchen utensils. They can be bought on the internet, like kitchen cabinets themselves and many other useful things. Usually, they're 30% cheaper than new, non-second-hand ones. For people who can't or don't want to spend too much money, it's a perfect variant;
  • Also, if you want a cheaper Wilton kitchen remodeling, you won't need a custom cabinet configuration. In case you have unsightly empty places in your kitchen, you can put such things as appliance panels, cubicle units, or wine organizers there;
  • Select a local custom home building contractor in Wilton, CA, that offers a high-quality service for a competitive pricing.

Bathroom remodeling in Wilton, CA

Bathroom and laundry room renovation, like all other projects of home remodel, cannot be done without thorough, careful planning of all the details, amazing work skills, a strong wish to complete it all, and most importantly, quality work of a professional project manager. Don't try to guess on your own the number of tiles or other materials. It's much better to use our online estimator — its free estimate will help you count the exact numbers.

So, what are the main steps in successful bathroom remodels? Let us tell you.

First of all, it's making a plan and estimating costs. In case you do a DIY remodeling (which we don't recommend, but anyways), counting the overall price is way easier. The main thing is to combine the prices of the primary things you'll need — a sink, a shower, and a toilet. After that, add the costs of everything else that will be necessary for you — all the supplies, tools, and, of course, materials. In case you entrust this job to a home remodeler company, count all the possible expenses and add 20% or even more for the occasion of some unexpected problems (although, if the company is extremely professional, they are highly unlikely to happen).

Secondly, think about the removal of everything old that you need to change. Many people think that it's the most expensive stage of the whole renovation process. So, you should be extremely careful when estimating the costs for this stage. They can add up quickly and rather unpredictably. If you suddenly discover that your budget isn't enough, leave some amount of cash for extra materials or help.

Fortunately, bathroom renovation specialists from our company can do all the demolishing super professionally, without any problems or additional expenses. We're able to clear your bathroom from anything — tile, flooring, fixtures, and even extra walls. We always do it with extreme care and try our best not to destroy anything accidentally in the process. Since we're true, experienced professionals, we know very well what to do during this phase.

The next important stage of kitchen remodeling is the rough-in of your plumbing system. It needs to be finished before you move on to the next phases of this process. Don't start doing anything else before the rough-in is complete. When it's finally done, the plumbing specialist will consult you on where to place all the vents.

After this, you'll need to select all the materials. It's needless to say how important this phase is. So, you'll need to approach it very attentively. Never choose any material simply because of its beautiful appearance. Pay close attention to its quality and parameters. Look whether it's suitable for your necessities or not, and try to figure out how reliable it is — for example, by reading verified reviews and comments.

Also, don't forget to read every instruction and check everything that the manufacturer says — for example, whether the material is mildew- and stain-proof, does a showerhead or a faucet have enough ventilation, and so on. In addition to that, take into account how materials "behave" in combination with each other. It's especially important if you want to make custom cabinets or have rock or tiles in your bathroom remodeling project.

The next step is the installation of a bathtub. It's not necessary — some people prefer to live without it at all — for example, having a walk-in shower instead. But in case you want a tub, we recommend you to think whether you want an ordinary or a decorative one. A bathtub of the second type can look great in the middle of your master bathroom. It would look even better if you place some candles or a pillow somewhere near it. In case you'd prefer a classic tub, an amazing variant would be one with heaters and jets since they can make your washing much more pleasing. But if you want the simplest and cheapest model, we would advise you a so-called "hygienic" bathtub — it doesn't have any extra features and serves only for basic washing and showering.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Where do you need Major Home Repairs Pros?

Basically, you'll need them in every possible type of house remodeling, since doing it on your own is an almost unreachable goal. But the biggest necessity for them appears in full house renovation projects which include such complicated things as wall removal (or adding), plumbing system remodeling, and so on.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Timber Frame Home?

The price of a timber frame home in Wilton, ca, varies greatly depending on many factors. How big will your home be? How many rooms will be in it? Which kind of wood are you going to use for its construction? All of these things, as well as many others, will influence the price. But don't worry — you can find plenty of online calculators on the internet which will help you estimate the exact price!

How Much Does It Cost to Add a Dormer?

Just as in the previous question, it's extremely hard to answer, because there are lots of different factors and every case is strictly individual. But also, as with timber frame homes, you can find lots of online calculators that can help you estimate the price for your own conditions.


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