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General contractors are entities that exist to simplify your life when it comes to a complete remodel of your house or a new home construction project. Some people consider that finishing renovation on their own without anyone's help is easier and cheaper. However, this stereotype is not completely true.

In California, there are different contractors that are willing to do a terrific job for you if you wish to implement your remodeling project. In our quick review, we will explain why people hire general contractors in the first place, define tasks that such companies can undertake, and even share the precious information about a trustworthy and reliable contractor that operates in Placerville, CA, and is ready to carry out projects of any difficulty.

We hope that this guide will help you pick a perfect team from general contractors in Placerville and drop the idea of home remodeling on your own. Homeowners in Placerville who have chosen to hire a contractor are glad and consider that it was worth the money spent — and you will easily understand why.

How can a general contractor in Placerville, California, help you?

Placerville general contractors can make you extremely happy. The reason is a full implementation of your dream home project. They will start from scratch and provide you with a full complex of contracting services in any case: whether you need to build a brand new house or remodel your home. Separate kitchen remodel, or bathroom remodel services are also on the list.

So, let us dive deeply into home renovation and construction topics and define what exactly general contracting services include.

Design plan creation

This is the foundation of your future project. You cannot start remodeling properly if you have no idea of what you wish your home to look like. Having no well-developed design plans leads to risks of getting a huge mess instead of well-thought-out living space.

When homeowners come to the top general contractors, they normally have some basic ideas about their homes` designs. They usually get inspired by various online platforms and videos dedicated to the remodeling topic. However, a professional approach is needed to bring the obtained ideas to life. Contractors, in turn, offer homeowners to discuss their future plans with a specialist who can help — a designer.

If we speak about new construction, another professional employee who should join the discussion is an architect. Together with a designer, these two specialists can develop a project that will reflect your dreams and hopes regarding your future living space.

Plumbing, electricity, and HVAC check

Smart general contractors are extremely attentive to all the essential systems placed in your home. By these, we mean electrical work, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Engineers who are into the building industry are aware of possible catastrophic consequences that can occur to people who own houses and do not pay much attention to leaking pipes, troubles with electric cable drop falling down from heating equipment, and so on.

Before any remodeling project begins, team members should carefully check the situation with all the above-mentioned elements. In case something is broken or requires replacement due to being outdated, dealing with it is mandatory. Otherwise, in the near future, you might face major problems because something occurs and your renovation results are ruined.

New construction contractors should also think about plumbing, heating, and electricity in your future house thoroughly. It would be best if you have enough budget to afford top-notch items (taps, pipes, lamps, and everything else tied to your home`s essential equipment).

Whole house makeover

After the previous point is complete, let's determine what contractors can do for you in terms of full home remodel. Step by step, you will be able to enjoy updates in each room you have.

A general contractor will complete your kitchen remodeling master bathroom renovation with a jacuzzi tub installation, bedroom makeover, and many other services. If needed, the company can also convert your premises into full-fledged rooms with new purposes.

For instance, a garage that you never use can become a beautiful dining room or bedroom if you need so. Or you can turn your empty basement into a room where you will watch movies with your friends and families. Contractors and their designers will give you expert advice on such transformations.

Among the works provided by contractors are the following:

As you can see, the scale of work provided by contractors is massive, and probably there is no way you can handle all these things on your own. So, it is always much better to hire a construction and renovation business that will help with all your projects at competitive pricing. Professional work is a guarantee of your tranquility and overall happiness after the project is complete.

New construction

Again, general contractors are capable of not only renovating your existing home but also building you a new one.

They will do all the things we have discussed in the previous section but from scratch. With all the new building technologies available on the market, you can get your new house very quickly and enjoy an excellent job done by your contractor for many years after. Quality workmanship is an essential thing when it comes to the creation of new houses or commercial buildings.

Free estimate of your project

Some people do not even start working on their renovation projects because they think such projects are unaffordable. That is why the best contractors will offer their clients an estimate of their projects for free.

This includes budget consideration and time estimates. If a customer understands that they need to find more money sources and cannot begin the project implementation right now, a general contractor will freeze the work and get back to the customer later. And there is no need to pay for the estimate if the project start date never happens.

Liability insurance

A reliable business normally promises that you will get a guarantee on its work, and all problems will be solved if they ever occur. This should be written in an agreement you sign together with a contractor's representative before the business`s job begins.

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How to hire a general contractor near me?

There are a couple of hints that allow people to choose the top local contractors in Placerville, CA, and other parts of the world. Today, we are sharing these hints with you.

When you select a contractor that will rebuild your home, pay attention to the following items.

Verified reviews

A construction business can say only good things about itself. Talented marketers will help it create an image of a successful entity with vast experience. But after all, excellent quality work is proven by multiple reviews left by satisfied customers. When checking this or that company, ensure that you have found truthful comments about its projects.

Overall rating

This is another thing besides reviews you can try checking online. We recommend using different services like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, or Google Maps to see the ratings of each entity you consider for your project.


There is no way a construction contractor can operate in Placerville, California, without proper license and permits. Do not sign any contracts with a business you have selected before you see all the documents and certificates. A reliable and hard-working contractor always cares about renewing their forms in time.


Different companies work in different styles, and there is always a chance that you will find a team with a designer who will not be ready to develop your ideas and help implement your desires. So, checking a portfolio with photos of a contractor`s job before hiring a construction team in the Placerville area is a brilliant idea.

Recommendations from friends and family

If you know for sure that someone from your circle has recently completed a construction or renovation job, this person`s advice will not be superfluous. On the one hand, this friend, family member, or colleague who gives you recommendations may advise a great construction business. On the other hand, they can prevent you from hiring a bad quality company if they have had a negative experience during their work.

General Contractor Services in Placerville

In Placerville, California, you can easily find a company that will help you build the home of your dreams. Whether you wish to simply renovate a kitchen or a bedroom, remodel the whole house, or build a new home, there are specialists in the region ready to help and fit your project within any budget.

Among local contractors, one stands out for its great quality job and adequate pricing. The Advanced Remodeling company operates in California and provides residents with a full-scale remodeling service.

A feature that distinguishes our company from some others is good communication between our employees and clients. They say that we are not only professionals with outstanding skills but also nice and friendly people who are really willing to help and build something beautiful.

We are expecting your call and invite you to visit our office. There, you can find more details about our company, familiarize yourself with our gallery of completed projects, and discuss your future plan in detail with our workers.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Why should I invite a reconstruction company for my home makeover?

We always suggest you sign a contract with a professional entity because there are many advantages of working with experts on such difficult projects. A contractor is normally capable of complex actions and operations that you will not be able to do on your own. Another reason to trust your home to a team of pros is an opportunity to save time and money. You will be calm about the outcome and sure that your project will finish on a certain date.

Where in California can I use a general contractor`s services?

We operate in the Sacramento region. Besides the Placerville area, it includes many other cities and towns like Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Diamond Springs, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Shingle Springs, Gold River, Fair Oaks, Granite Bay, and others. Contact us to find out if we operate in your area.

How much will I pay to a renovation company in California?

It is hard to say because the price will be declared after a company estimates your place and the scale of work. Normally, renovating a house in the state costs 100,000-200,000 US dollars. However, the final rate depends on your building`s size, your renovation plans, the materials you decide to use, and so on. So, ask for a free estimate to understand the approximate price and be ready to pay more because renovation often leads to unexpected costs.


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