Best trends for kitchen designs in 2022


Best Trends For Kitchen Designs In 2022

If you think of how much of their time people spend in the kitchen, you will be surprised to know that kitchens can outdo living rooms in this matter. Cooking breakfasts, spending time with family while enjoying dinner, and talking to friends over a cup of tea – all these take place in the kitchen, and that means that it should be a comfortable and cozy place to hang around.

When we say comfortable, this is about a kitchen plan that will make it possible for you to cook, clean, and have fun with ease. There are a few things to keep in mind before you start designing or renovating your kitchen to make it an enjoyable place to be.

Here is the list of what it is good to consider when you start a kitchen project:

  • Layout is probably the most crucial part of designing a kitchen. Depending on how experienced a cook you are, or whether the kitchen will become a place for holding parties, you will need to place all the equipment and appliances accordingly
  • Places to store stuff also play an important role in every kitchen project. No one wants to look like a hoarder with various objects piling over each other. That is why, one might need to think of the right cabinetry, open shelves, and drawers so that they could fit all the kitchen objects that are in use
  • Lightning can actually set the mood for any room, and the kitchen is not an exception. On top of that, lightning is essential when it comes to preparing food in a careful way. So you can play with various sources of lightning to create a special atmosphere in the room
  • Floors should not be underestimated as well. Kitchens are so-called wet areas, and floors have to be water-resistant and not slippery in the first place. Secondly, they should be easy to clean and not take in the smell of the food you are cooking
  • Extractors help to prevent the spread of smell around the house and help the air circulation in the room. So, many specialists recommend not saving on installing a good ventilation system or the right extractor.

In case you are not sure what decision to make regarding the aspects described above, you can always visit the office of Advanced Remodeling and consult a professional to help you find the best option for your new kitchen.

Choosing the right design in 2022

Best Trends For Kitchen Designs In 2022

Once you have taken care of the things that ensure enough comfort in your kitchen, it is time you thought about the right design. Every year, new trends in renovation appear, and 2022 is no exception. Below, we are going to give you an overview of the latest trends that are now popular in terms of kitchen renovation and remodeling.

Thinking of colors

Color is naturally a feature that you need to give special attention to. Whether it is a bright accent or the overall color scheme of the kitchen, this is what catches the eye when you enter a room. Take a look at a few ideas that focus on color schemes.


This is a trending color of the year, and it is especially popular if talking about cooking areas. Green is the basic color of nature, and not only it is pleasant to the eye because it is relaxing and calming, but also it is safe in terms of combining green with other colors. You can play with shades of green, and paint kitchen zones in something from emerald to light green, and enjoy either the contrast or matching colors of the walls and cabinetry.


Although black is mostly associated with bathrooms, it can also become a characteristic of your new kitchen. Designers recommend using this color on kitchen islands, instead of going for traditional white and gray. You could also use dark black when painting the lower drawers or cabinets and opt for light upper ones. Black can create a good accent, and, on top of that, it is a wise thing to do if you do not tend to clean your areas every day.


Yellow is related to sunshine, cheerfulness, and freshness. Whenever you wish your kitchen to look bright and inviting, yellow is your choice. You do not even need to paint all your kitchen yellow, you can pick a spot that would grab attention, and make it an outstanding accent of your design. Yellow also works well regarding accessories and fabric that you use while cooking.


Some designers say that gray is the most popular option after timeless white. It gives a sense of coziness and suits those who seek neutral tones that communicate depth. Gray is quite a versatile color because you can combine it with any other colorful accents in your kitchen. You could add yellow chairs, or red knobs, as well as paint one of the walls blue. Gray gives you endless opportunities to put your craziest ideas into practice.

Soft natural tones

Since an overall trend is to be closer to nature, and be as environmentally friendly as possible, it is also reflected in color schemes in the kitchen. Plum, terra-cotta, and blush are the colors that today are gaining more and more popularity. They give the feeling of richness and, if combined with wooden cabinetry and accessories from natural materials, can enhance the overall relaxed mood of the kitchen.

Focusing on unusual ideas

Best Trends For Kitchen Designs In 2022

Conventional designs are here to stay, but if you are looking for something more modern without saying no to traditional things, we have a few ideas that you could benefit from when designing your new kitchen.

Mirrored elements

While mirrors are mostly used in bedroom and living room designs, they are gradually making their way into kitchens, too. Mirrors can give a sense of more space even in cramped rooms and increase the amount of light if you hang them opposite the windows. Mirrored elements go well together with modern elements rather than traditional ones, and are especially popular in minimalist designs.

Adding a non-conventional backsplash

Whereas most kitchens have a square or rectangular backsplash, you could think of spicing up your new kitchen with one of an unusual shape. You could add curves and lines, and think of different forms that would complement the overall design of your kitchen. Think of the material of your backsplash too, because apart from tile, you could also use marble or something alike to create an exclusive look.


If you want to free up some space and allow more air in the kitchen, consider placing cabinetry a bit higher than usual. But then you can think: “How am I supposed to get to the highest shelves and drawers”? Ladders can serve this purpose, and not only be instrumental when you need to get your favorite wine glass from the top, but also be an element of design. Think of library ladders that can add to the atmosphere of wooden kitchens, or steel ones if your kitchen is more of a loft style. Ladders can become a feature that would catch the eye and help you operate the kitchen more freely.

Use two islands

If space allows, having a kitchen island is a great idea because it can serve multiple purposes. For example, you can use it as a place to serve food and drink at a party, or make it a workstation while you are enjoying your coffee. But what if you could have two islands instead one? You might also think of a kind of bridge between the two, making it a distinctive addition to your personal design.

Go without handles

The latest designs focus on being good for multitasking and ensuring a free flow in the kitchen. That is why it is worth looking at push-open and close doors with soft closures. Handless designs can help you to create the feeling of more space and make your kitchen look more streamlined. Since Scandinavian styles are still here to stay, you could add even more simplicity to your minimalist kitchen.

Pantry cupboards

If you strive for a more organized look in your kitchen and do now want to store things in open spaces, you could revert to pantry cupboards that were at the peak of popularity a couple of centuries ago. You can place cutlery, dry food, and drinks in the cupboard, and add an accent to its door, be it color or decorative elements. You could also consider in-built pantry cupboards if you wish to create even more space in the room.

Do not forget about the ceiling

It is true that designers often focus on walls, floors, and cabinetry, and the ceiling is overlooked in most cases. However, if you want to make your kitchen special, think of the right design for the upper part of the room. Pendant lighting is the most straightforward solution here, and you can play with the length and warm and cold contrast of the light, highlighting different zones of the kitchen.

One more idea is to hang flower pots on the ceiling and organize a green space looking like a jungle in the area where you cook. If you combine plants with natural colors, it can shape the green design of your project.

Bare walls

Most kitchens feature both lower and upper cabinetry, especially if drawers are meant to store lots of appliances and cutlery. But, if you do not own many of these things and want to exhibit nicely designed kitchen devices and accessories, you can easily go with bare walls. These walls can add to a more personalized look of the space and will show what makes you.

Combine modern and retro

Now it is trending to make a combination of old and new, and kitchen designs are no exception. You can create a heartwarming atmosphere in your kitchen if you add a few vintage things to your design, be it a kettle, a lamp, or a cooker. This contrast will add balance to your renovation project and will make the space welcoming and inviting thanks to the combination of the past and the present.

Designing a trendy kitchen with professionals

Best Trends For Kitchen Designs In 2022

You may have your creative ideas in mind, but still might not be sure about how to implement them. In this case, it is recommended to turn to a specialist who can advise on the best solution and make the best design for you so that you could enjoy spending time in your new kitchen. Here at A+ Construction and Remodeling, a supportive team of experienced experts with years of experience will be happy to assist you on any issue or matter.

So, if you need a project design from scratch, or would like to get a consultation from a renovation and remodeling guru, do not hesitate to contact A+ Construction and Remodeling via phone or book a visit to our office. We look forward to helping you with your new kitchen project!