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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Woodland, California

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Woodland Hills homeowners are increasingly thinking about expanding their living space on their territory. Accessory dwelling units are used particularly successfully for this. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a small house or outbuilding that will be placed on your property. It can either be attached to your main home or be an independent building in the same area.

ADU is one of the best options for families. Buying a new house or an additional apartment can cost a lot of money and not everyone has the budget for it. ADU can be a great solution for expanding your livable space.

Below we will tell you what ADUs can be used for, what the rules when building them are, how to hire a contractor, and other essential things you need to know before building an accessory dwelling unit in Woodland Hills.

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ADU Woodland, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

We decided to start our article by looking at the types of ADUs and what advantages this type of building has.

ADU project will bring you many advantages:

  • This is a profitable investment. Spending a small amount on upgrading an existing accessory structure or even building a detached accessory dwelling unit from scratch can add a lot to the value of your home. The cost of real estate is constantly growing, and with increased usable space, so for sure.
  • ADU can serve as an extra income. You will be able to rent this part of the house, for instance, to students or travelers, and receive a rental income.
  • ADU is an excellent accommodation for your guests and relatives. It will be convenient not only for them but also for you. After all, this way, you can easily accommodate your visitors without sacrificing your comfort and space. Much better than everyone living in a single-family home.
  • ADU can also be an amazing solution for accommodating elderly relatives. Often they are no longer comfortable living separately, but they still want to have their own space. In this case, the accessory dwelling unit will provide the privacy that would not be there if you settled your old parents in an existing primary residence

Note that in Woodland, it is allowed to build all of these ADU types, but there are restrictions on the size and other rules:

  • Attached ADU: In this case, the accessory dwelling unit is attached to your home by either side. There is a rule that this type of ADU cannot be more than 50% of the existing floor area of ​​the house's lot coverage
  • Detached ADU: This type, on the contrary, does not connect to your house, although it is located on the same territory
  • Basement Conversion ADU: In this case, the basement turns into a great living area with all amenities
  • 2nd Floor Conversion ADU: ADU is being built on the second floor on top of an existing part of the house. For example, it can be an ADU over a garage
  • Internal Conversion ADU: Perhaps this is the easiest type. In such a case, the existing structure is converted into an ADU. A studio, storehouse, or garage converted into ADU will help you increase your living area
  • Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit: This is an internal conversion ADU, with some limitations. The size cannot exceed 500 square feet and the bathroom must be shared with the main part of the house

How ADU builder Woodland, California can help you?

If you are thinking about building an accessory dwelling unit, at least in the distant future, then you will need an experienced builder in Woodland Hills. It is best to entrust such work to a professional:

  • The team will comply with all development standards adopted in the West Sacramento area (like maximum size, side and rear setbacks, and more)
  • You will not need to waste time obtaining permits (zoning administrator permit, building permit), the contractor will take care of all of them
  • The company will draw up an estimate for your ADU project, so you can correctly calculate your budget
  • They will purchase the necessary materials, appliances, furniture
  • Experienced highly qualified builders will take on all construction tasks, which means that the work will be completed on time, and will not have to be redone

Here at Advanced Remodeling, we are happy to take on your project and help you with the planning and construction of accessory dwelling units and any other construction tasks.

In addition to accessory building, we provide the following services:

  • Architectural calculations
  • Preparing plans and design projects
  • Full home remodeling
  • Kitchen & bathroom remodeling
  • Home improvement
  • Checking and repairing plumbing, heating, electricity systems
  • Replacement or installation of windows and doors
  • Flooring & hardwood services
  • Wall painting and more

You can contact our manager by phone or through the site and get all the answers as soon as possible!

How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

Before you hire, you must search for accessory dwelling unit service providers you can trust. Many companies are operating in the Woodland Hills and West Sacramento area, but it's not a good idea to conclude a contract for accessory dwelling unit construction with the first company you find.

First, you should familiarize yourself with the available information — read reviews, talk with clients, and look at completed ADUs projects. A company that values ​​its reputation always cares about the quality of its services. Be sure to check that the builder has the necessary licenses required by state law. Also, check if the company provides liability insurance. This is essential since it is unlikely that you, as the property owner, want to be responsible for everything during construction.

ADU building service provider in Woodland

By hiring a company to build ADU in Woodland Hills, you are avoiding the additional headache and saving a lot of time. You can be sure that the existing space of your house will be greatly improved. There are special regulations for a converted space or structure. And although the manager of the company is obliged to inform you about them, it does not hurt to prepare yourself.

  1. Number of ADUs

A single-family home can have up to two ADU. A multi-family building may have more ADUs, but the exact number depends on the type of ADU planned and on the existing structures on the site.

  1. Minimum And Maximum Size

You are not limited in any way by the minimum size, but there are rules regarding the maximum. In this case, detached ADU and attached ADU will have different maximum allowable parameters.

  1. Height Limit

For all types of ADU in Woodland, the minimum height needs to be 16 square feet. An attached ADU cannot exceed the height of the primary structure or 30 feet, whichever is greater.

  1. Fire Codes

Fire safety is vital and all available measures should be taken to maintain it, but nevertheless, fire sprinklers are required only for a primary dwelling.

  1. Location

There are nuances regarding the location of your ADU depending on its type, but there is also one general rule for everyone. The ADU must be located in your residential area no more than one-half mile from a bus station or public transit station. It is allowed to install ADU both on the territory of a single-family dwelling and multi-family properties.

There are special regulations concerning detached ADUs. They should have no less than four feet of the side and rear setbacks from the existing primary dwelling, as well as from the rear property line. Junior accessory dwelling units and converted ones do not have to follow this rule.

  1. Parking Requirements

Attached and detached ADUs should also meet special parking standards. Parking provided should have one place. If the covered parking structure was converted to an ADU, then an off-street parking space would not be needed.

When you hire Advanced Remodeling to create an efficient dwelling unit, you can be sure that all the legally established rules will be met. Our team has great experience in construction in the designated historic district and will do everything at the highest level.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Do I need a building permit for making an ADU in California?

It's best to get up-to-date information from your City Council. However, you will need to obtain an ADU permit from the City Planning Division. Also, if the size exceeds 1000 square feet (three bedrooms), you will need a zoning administrator permit. If you do not want to deal with all the formalities on your own, then we at Advance Remodeling are always ready to help you, including with obtaining the necessary permits.

Why do I need an ADU?

ADU is a great way to improve housing opportunities. By placing ADU on your site, you can get more living space for yourself or your guests. It will be something like a guest house on your territory or the so-called granny flats. This is an opportunity to comfortably accommodate more people on the territory of your single-family primary home. It is often used for accommodating aging parents. Also, room additions and garage conversions will increase the value of your home and also provide you with an opportunity to earn an additional source of income.

How much does it cost to build an ADU in California?

It depends on many factors — whether you will be building a structure separate from the primary residence or converting an existing one, what size you are planning, what materials you want to use, and so on. It is best to contact the Advance Remodeling managers for suggestions. They will advise you as soon as possible and help you determine the budget.


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