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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Wilton, California

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Homeowners are often interested in how to make their homes more valuable while at the same time increasing their living space. We recommend building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU for short) for this purpose. ADU is an additional residential part of your house, which can be either part of it or located nearby. ADUs vary in size and type; some are just one extra room, while others are complete guest houses with a bathroom and kitchen.

If you have a home in Wilton, CA, then we encourage you to consider building an ADU. Below we talk about the benefits behind this solution, what regulations you need to follow, and where to find the best contractor.

ADU Wilton, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

Building accessory dwelling units have many advantages that, for some reason, not everyone thinks about:

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How ADU Builder Wilton, California, Can Help You?

We vote to leave the job to the professionals, so you should hire a contractor for the accessory dwelling unit construction process. The builder will be able to take over all the responsibilities and complete the project on time and within the confirmed budget.

By hiring a contractor, you can entrust them with:

  • Drawing up an estimate for a construction project
  • Drawing up a detailed plan for ADU design
  • Purchase of materials
  • Building process
  • Installation of windows, doors, furniture

By hiring a team of experienced builders in Advanced Remodeling, you not only save your time and nerves but also invest in quality. Professional specialists will check all the details several times, and receive the necessary building permits and approvals.

Advanced Remodeling provides a full range of construction services in Sacramento County, including:

  • Construction of a custom home
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling
  • Whole house remodeling
  • Home renovation
  • Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) construction
  • Flooring & hardwood services
  • Checking and repairing plumbing, heating, electricity systems
  • Installation of windows, doors, appliances, and furniture

We are one of the best contractors in the West Sacramento area for a reason. We care about our clients, and we believe that a cozy and comfortable home is the foundation that every person should have.

How to Hire an ADU Service Provider Near Me?

When searching for a contractor for building your ADU project, there are a few things you need to pay attention to:

  1. Availability of a license — Without it, you are not guaranteed quality
  2. The presence of positive reviews — Look for them on the Internet or ask around the neighbors; the small community of West Sacramento for sure knows the team you've chosen
  3. Completed projects — Visit the designer showroom or building sites to see how the business does its job
  4. Get advice from company representatives — Be sure to ask them basic questions, such as setback requirements for your ADU or the cost of attached ADU for your primary residence

If you like the work of this contractor and the way they communicate with you (all information is clear, willing to answer additional questions), then you can move on. Ask them to provide you with a cost estimate for the construction of your accessory dwelling unit. After discussing the estimate, you can sign the contract.

In the contract, be sure to specify all the conditions, terms, and costs of the project. If the course of construction or its result does not suit you, it is a written agreement that can protect you.

To start the process as early as possible, we recommend contacting an Advanced Remodeling representative today. You can leave your email address, phone number, and name on the site and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

ADU Building Service Provider in Wilton, CA

In Wilton, as well as elsewhere in California, there are special requirements for building ADUs. By hiring builders from Advanced Remodeling, you make them responsible for following these rules.

However, it's important to know some of them so you don't plan on illegal construction.

  • To begin with, it is worth knowing that each ADU, regardless of whether it is a detached ADU or an attached one, must be made in the same architectural style and color as the primary residence. Thus, the appearance will be more organic and pleasant, and the building will not stand out too much.
  • There is no minimum lot size, but of course, the size must match the purpose of the ADU. And there is a limit on the number: one or two ADUs in the territory of single-family houses, and more than two in the territory of multi-family residences.
  • Although there is no maximum height rule, there are floor area regulations. ADU should be between 150 square feet and 850 square feet. In some circumstances, it may be allowed to increase the size to 1000 square feet. In this case, the attached ADU should not be more than 50% of the area of ​​the primary residence.
  • Setback requirements differ for different types of ADUs. Attached ADUs and multi-story detached ADUs must be located within 4 feet of the side yard and rear yard setback. But if ADU lot coverage is less than 800 square feet, then they are not required to meet such requirements but must be at least 60 feet from the front property line. Certain distance and property line rules may not apply if you are planning a multi-story ADU.
  • If you are rebuilding an existing garage or building another converted ADU, then the setback requirements also do not need to be met.
  • There are no special fire protection rules, but of course, you should use common sense and take care of this when planning construction.

As you can see, there are many rules to follow. This is another reason to hire a professional team for the construction. They will not only handle all state and city regulations but also will help you get the permits you need.

Contact us to receive up-to-date information and start improving your house ASAP!

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What can an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) be used for?

There are many purposes for which you may want to have an ADU on your property. You can create a living space separate from the existing residence (detached ADUs), which can be used to accommodate guests or elderly relatives. You can also resettle older children or a young couple there. Or you can create a home office for your business so you don't have to mix work and home area.

What are the side yard setback rules for ADU in Wilton, California?

If your ADU will only have one floor or its lot coverage is less than 800 square feet, then no setback requirements need to be met except that the location must be no closer than 60 feet from the property line. But if your attached or detached ADU has multiple floors, then there should be no more than 4 feet of the side and rear yard setback.

Do I need a building permit for a junior accessory dwelling unit in CA?

This type of building is a single-unit dwelling not exceeding 500 square feet in size. State law requires a building permit for this structure. If you do not want to deal with this yourself, you can contact our specialists for quality assistance.


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