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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Vineyard, California

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Property owners who are in need of additional living space can easily get it by adding a new construction to the primary house. An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, allows many homeowners to extend their residential property without building any new houses.

ADU construction is one of the most convenient decisions that a property owner can make, as it can be utilized in so many ways. From a personal office to rental income, an accessory dwelling unit can be used in any way you prefer.

Want to know all the details about building ADU in Vineyard, CA? Advanced Remodeling is here to tell you everything about the ADU housing and the process of its construction.

Those who are unfamiliar with ADUs should know that these are the additional construction units that are built near or attached to the primary residence of a single- or multi-family home. ADU is located on the same property lot, and it is considered a residential unit, just like the main building.

If the name "ADU" does not ring the bell, maybe you have heard about these accessory units under one of such names as "granny flats," "secondary units," or "in-law units." All of them indicated the same construction. Moreover, these names hint at some of the ADU's functions.

If you have elderly relatives who need your constant care, you can have them live in the ADU right by your side. This way, you would not have to worry about traveling to their house and back every time you want to check on them. For this exact purpose, ADUs are called granny flats.

Another great option is to turn ADU into a guest house. If you have visitors who come pretty often, you can have them stay there. This way, you would not disturb their comfort of privacy, and they wouldn't bother yours. If visitors have plenty of places to stay at your main residence, you can rent the ADU and get some additional income from that.

What is more, ADUs can be transformed into a home office, a personal studio, or a workshop. Homeowners who prefer to work from their places of living found it extremely helpful, especially with the start of the pandemic. This space allows you to work in a productive environment while still being close to home.

Your ADU building can be of different types. There are the following forms of ADUs allowed in Sacramento County:

A detached ADU is separated from the primary residence while still being located on the same parcel. The attached one is connected to the main dwelling unit, but it has a separate entrance. The main distinction of a junior ADU from the attached ADUs is that it is smaller in size and can have a shared bathroom with the primary residence.

You can either create a new construction for the ADU or have an old one converted. If you have a garage or a shed that you do not use, you can transform it easily into an accessory housing unit by getting a custom renovation from Advanced Remodeling builders. The project will be done according to your preferences, and, as a result, you will get the ADU of your dreams.

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How ADU builder Vineyard, California, can help you?

Some residents of Vineyard, Sacramento CTY, CA, might think that the entire process of making an ADU is easy, especially if it is a garage or a shed conversion. However, to build ADUs, you have to receive a building permit beforehand. A lot of homeowners struggle with getting their project plans approved because there are so many regulations on ADU construction.

Just take a look at all the state laws and building permits of the census-designated place of Vineyard you need to keep in mind before making a detailed plan for the project started:

  • A single-family residence is allowed to have one ADU and additionally one junior ADU. For multi-family residences, one ADU for every four units located on the property is allowed.
  • There is no minimum lot size. However, your accessory housing must be placed at least 60 feet away from the front property line. According to the state law, detached ADUs with two stores must have a side and rear yard setback of four feet.
  • Homeowners should pay attention to the exterior design of an ADU, as it must be compatible with the primary home appearance. Your custom project should take into account future uses of ADU, the matching look of the construction, and your personal comfort.
  • To receive all the permits, your ADU must be of the proper size. The minimum one for such constructions is 150 square feet (the same as for any dwelling unit). Junior ADUs cannot exceed 500 square feet. For attached and detached ADUs, the sizes must be no bigger than 500 square feet (for one-bedroom ADU) or 850 square feet (for two- or more bedroom ADU).
  • In Sacramento County and its cities, the total space of the land that ADUs take on the lot cannot exceed 1200 sq ft.
  • ADUs cannot be higher than 16 feet.

As you can see, there is a lot to take care of. These regulations might seem overwhelming to those who have never dealt with the construction process before, and even experienced builders might get confused.

Luckily, professionals from Advanced Remodeling can help you with making a perfect plan and constructing the building itself. Our specialists have worked with many different ADUs over the years, both custom and standard ones, so they know how to make the best dwelling units.

How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

Finding someone to make a construction for you or do a custom renovation of the space is always hard. One wrong decision can cost a lot of money, time spent, and your nerves. That is why it is important to choose building services providers who guarantee you quality work and a safe space to use.

But how to find such a contractor?

  • First of all, you have to pay close attention to the licenses and building permissions of the company you are hiring. If someone does not have all the required legal documentation, the business can be trusted with your ADU. It is your safety and the costs of the whole project we are talking about, so you better double-check.
  • Second of all, see what project the contractor has already completed. Whether it is a portfolio on a website or photos on social media, take a closer look at them to see what kind of product you might get in the end. The world has so many different talented professionals; find the one whose style of work you like the most.
  • And of course, don't forget to read reviews of previous customers. It is important to know what others think of the work they have received. Ask someone in your city to see the ADU yourself if you find people nearby who had  the contractor you are interested in. Read reviews from clients all over the country online to see what they have to say.

With Advanced Remodeling, you can be sure of your safety and the quality of work you get. Our company makes sure all the licenses and permissions are up to date, and our certifications serve as proof of quality. On our website, you can check the portfolio of successfully completed projects and read the testimonials left by happy customers.

ADU building service provider in Vineyard

Advanced Remodeling has worked in the industry for many years now. A huge experience in the building and remodeling business has made a good name for the company. Many clients, not only in Sacramento County but all over Northern California, are happy with the housing affordability and quality of ADUs that our professional team creates.

Whether you want a detached or attached ADU, a garage conversion or a brand new unit, a custom granny flat, or a standard unit, we can make it for you. The cost of the final result is reasonable and affordable. You can calculate a preliminary price during the free consultation online, where our specialists will make a draft plan and tell you the area of the exact cost.

If you are looking for a contractor in California's wine country, Vineyard, search no more. Advanced Remodeling is ready to start your ADU project and create the residential unit that you have been dreaming of for a good cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Is there a minimum size for an ADU in California?

In any city or town in CA, the dwelling units can be no less than 150 sq ft in size. The same rule applies to ADUs, and a plan with even one square foot less will not be approved by the governmental authorities.

Do you need a permit for ADU in California?

To construct an ADU in CA, you must have an approved plan of the future housing unit, especially if it is a custom one and not built by the standard measures. Without this approval, your unit cannot be considered legal.

What are the requirements for an ADU in California?

ADU cannot be more than 16 feet in height. The size of it cannot exceed 500 sq ft (for one-bedroom and junior ADUs) or 850 sq ft (for two-bedroom ADUs). The overall lot coverage of all ADU buildings cannot be more than 1200 sq ft. A single-family house can build one ADU and one junior ADU, while multi-family residences are allowed to have one ADU per each four living spaces. The exterior of ADU has to match the main house.


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