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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Placerville, California

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When you have elderly that need to be taken care of or new babies coming into this world quite soon, you might find your house to be quite overcrowded so that there is no longer a place for you to rest peacefully. But what to do if you do not have an opportunity to buy yourself a new house?

Well, creating an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, might be the best solution for you, as it would allow you to expand your already existing space without the need to buy new residential properties.

If you would like to find out more about Accessory dwelling units in Placerville, CA, then please read this article further!

ADU Placerville, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

For those of you not knowing what an ADU is, here is a definition: accessory dwelling units are extensions that you could build on the property of your land to create more living space for your family. ADUs can be attached to your already existing space or built separately on the land of a property owner.

As you might have noticed, prices for new property lands or already built houses are increasing every day, which is why not everyone can afford to simply relocate when their house is no longer big or comfortable enough.

Due to that, building an ADU might be the best solution. In addition, it might serve not only as an additional living space but as an extra profit: you can rent your ADU to other people. And if you are worried about future property owners, you could rest assured knowing that an ADU permit that you received for your project will have powers when the property is bought by other people.

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How ADU builder Placerville, California, can help you?

The first thing you need to understand is that building an Accessory dwelling unit is not an easy thing; it is definitely not like changing the tiles in your existing space. For this job, you will actually need professionals to do all of the steps in your project, as it for sure will include design, architecture, and construction works.

When reading about the process of creating Accessory dwelling units, you will understand that there are four main types of ADUs that you can make on your property, so let us now explain to you their differences, as this would allow you to decide which one is your preference:

  • Attached accessory dwelling unit.
    When talking about these dwelling units, you could understand from its name that creating an attached ADU will mean that it will exist as an extension of your already existing house, which is a perfect choice for those people that would simply like to enlarge their home.
  • Detached ADU
    In comparison with an attached unit, a detached ADU exists separately from your main house but is still on your property land. This choice is common for people that would like to build them for an additional profit or for those who have elderlies to take care of, but still want some personal space from them.
  • Conversion ADU
    A conversion unit is made with the help of some already existing structure in your house, such as an existing garage. When you have a place in your house that is not used by anyone, you can make a conversion ADU, so that this place of your existing residence would also be useful.
  • Junior ADU
    This type of accessory dwelling unit is similar to that of a detached one, as it also exists separately from your home, but it has some restrictions on its size so that it could not be bigger than 500 square feet. Junior accessory dwelling units are perfect for those that do not need a lot of extra space on their property, as making a detached accessory dwelling unit would mean that your ADU will be bigger than 500 square feet.

Now that we have been acquainted with the types of ADUs that you could make, let us talk a bit more about the details of the services that a company like Advanced Remodeling can provide you with.

Making a project with us will mean that we will always make all of the necessary steps for you, such as:

  • Take all of the measurements
  • Create a few design ideas for the ADU to match with your existing primary residence
  • Buy all of the building materials and furniture for you
  • Make the legally constructed accessory building ourselves, including the work inside of it, such as making a floor plan, painting the walls, and so on
  • Install a separate utility connection and furniture if needed
  • Collect the documents for receiving an Accessory dwelling unit permit from the Development Services Department concurrent with all of the application and submittal requirements

We will always listen to your opinion and make the project in sync with your preferences and needs! Creating a legal ADU on the property of your primary residence is possible with a company like Advanced Remodeling!

How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

There are quite a lot of things that you need to consider before hiring a particular company to make your accessory building project so that you can be sure of the quality of dwelling units that you will get in the result.

First of all, always make sure that a company has a valid building permit issuance and a license, as without these things you can forget about any guarantees for the types of work done by this contractor. It is always better to work with a company that has building permits and liability insurance.

In addition, always check verified reviews of your potential contractor and compare reviews placed on the website of a company with those that you have found on the web, and if they are drastically different, it will also mean that you should avoid any collaborations with such a firm, as you cannot be sure whether their reviews are valid.

Asking around your friends and relatives is another great thing that you could do, as they would usually be glad to give you some advice about certain companies and tell you about their ADU experience.

What is more, do not forget about the website of your potential ADU remodeler, as it should definitely be user-friendly and ease your searching process for all of the important information, as well as:

  • Ways to contact the company.
    The phone number is definitely a thing that should be present on the website, but if the company also has an email address or even a live chat for you to ask some questions, then it will be a big plus for them, as it would show that they actually care about their customer's experience
  • Types of services provided.
    The company should not waste your precious time on unnecessary phone calls for you to find out the most basic information, which is why you should always be able to find what kind of services are provided by a contractor on its website
  • Pictures of their previous works.
    They will help you to get an idea about the kind of work done by this company and whether or not you would like to receive something similar
  • Great customer service.
    These people should be able to ask all of your questions in a polite and timely manner, as they are the first people that let you know about the treatment that you will receive from a company

ADU building service provider in Placerville

Being one of the best contractor companies in California, hiring Advanced Remodeling to make an ADU extension of your primary dwelling or somewhere else within your property line is a choice with which you will not lose! Our projects for your primary residential dwelling are always approved by your local Development Services Department, as we always make sure to comply with your city's residential zoning districts.

What is more, all of our workers are professionals in the sphere of renovation, which is why you could rest assured knowing that your primary dwelling units will not be damaged, only imported. Also, we always make sure to find a decent local manufacturer to collaborate with, so that your ADU project would have the best materials and color board within your budget.

Complying with your local applicable development regulations from your Development Services Department that were made for your residential zoning district: no worries are needed here, we will always help you with sending out the documents for making an ADU for your single-family residence.

For example, if an attached ADU for the existing buildings is made, it will often be required for a separate new utility connection to be made within your single-family residence. Or, if we are talking about detached accessory dwelling units, you should always remember about the permitted building coverage established in your area, and projects having a size that exceeds these regulations will not be approved. What is more, an ADU should comply with the design of your main house as well as the surrounding residences in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How much does an ADU permit cost in California?

There is no particular price that is estimated for all ADU projects, as it all depends on the number of square feet that an ADU will add up to your main dwelling established before that and the value that your ADU project got from the commission. But you can expect the price to vary somewhere between 1,000 and 8,000 dollars.
Utility connection fees that usually should be made in sync with the City fee schedule are not required for the conversion ADUs, but a related connection fee will be needed for other types of projects.

What are the requirements for an ADU in California?

The regulations might vary from state to state, but as for the building permit subject of California's City Council, the maximum square footage is equal to 800 with a height of no more than 16 feet.
In addition, your accessory dwelling unit should be located further than 5 feet, counting from the front property line of yours, and the minimum parcel area on which an ADU can be made is equal to 6,000 square feet.

Do you need a permit for ADU in California?

Yes, you do. According to construction regulations, property owners should always obtain a building permit for their ADU project, which depends on the type of accessory dwelling unit that they would like to make.
These permits allow you to build an additional building on your property and will be written as part of your total building coverage property which you could sell later.

How many bedrooms can an ADU have in Placerville?

Two bedrooms are allowed for the projects having a size close to a maximum one, with the number of allowed bedrooms lowering together with the size of your ADU. In addition, either the main dwelling or the additional one should be occupied by one of the property owners if both buildings are considered to be residential zones.


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