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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Orangevale, California

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One day you may wake up and realize that your primary residence requires enlarging and your family is desperate for more space. If moving to a bigger house is not an option and a renovation cannot help, there is a great solution that becomes more and more popular in Orangevale, CA: you can construct an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) next to your main house.

An additional dwelling unit is a perfect option that can fulfill numerous tasks. In our review, we will define the advantages of building accessory dwelling units, the reasons why people opt for such structures instead of moving into other houses, and provide you with recommendations regarding the choice of a company that will be able to complete your ADU project in Orangevale, CA.

But first, let us determine what accessory dwelling units are, what requirements you should adhere to when building one, and what types of such structures exist.

Accessory Dwelling Units

For readers who are unaware of the topic, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a living unit that is built close to one's primary residence. Simply said, it is another construction where people can live that stands close to your home.

In Sacramento County, there are certain rules one should follow when constructing an ADU in their property lines. We will mention them later.

Types of ADU

Depending upon your needs and goals, you can choose the suitable type of ADU that will later appear on your land plot. Here are the options you have:

As you can see from the type`s name, an attached accessory dwelling unit is a structure that is connected to your primary residence and has direct access from home. You can build such a unit if your aim is to add another room to your existing structure. For instance, attached ADUs are especially popular among homeowners who are expecting a baby and need more space.

Unlike attached structures, detached ADUs are separated from primary homes. You have to go outside to get from one structure to another. A detached unit can serve as an independent home that a property owner can use as they wish (they can even rent it out).

If you have an existing garage or other existing units that you never use and that require renovation, consider their conversion into an ADU. This fantastic idea may solve a lot of concerns you have because there is not enough space to host guests or store stuff.

This can be a detached, attached or converted unit; however, the most important thing here is its size, limited by 500 square feet.

All these types undertake various tasks every homeowner may face; let's see why people build ADUs and how they help to improve their lives.

Reasons to Build Such Units

Real property owners in California initiate such projects because ADUs are multipurpose and extremely convenient structures. Here are the answers to a question that you may possibly have: "Why should I build myself such a unit?".

To move in together with your aging parents

Over time, your parents or grandparents will get older just like you are. Unfortunately, in some cases, elder relatives require additional attention and care. A detached unit that stands close to your home is a great way for you and them to be close to each other and still a bit separate (because you will live in different buildings). Another widespread name for an ADU is a granny flat because most residents build one to host their retired parents.

To broaden the existing living properties

We have given this example above. Families that await a child soon sometimes have fewer rooms and square feet than they need. Building an attached ADU or converting a garage that is connected to your home will help to enlarge your residential properties and make everybody feel comfortable.

To host numerous guests

Those who love parties or often invite someone over will appreciate this point. You can build a residential unit near your home so that your visitors enjoy a comfortable sleep in separate bedrooms (and you, in turn, enjoy being alone at night when the party's over). Of course, you can complete the conversion of your basement or another unused space and make a guest bedroom there; but having a separate multifunctional structure is a smarter idea.

To create a home office

More and more employees from different industries work at home now; of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed people's minds regarding remote work. However, not everyone was prepared for that back in 2020, and many workers were left in their houses that are absolutely not adapted to new conditions. People with kids suffered from noise and inability to concentrate; they were permanently distracted and could not stop working early because their productivity was low.

If you still have not turned your room into a home office but need one, building an ADU will deal with your problem.

To set up a studio for your hobby

This is a similar reason: you might be interested in something that requires a lot of space (for instance, painting or making tableware from clay). It might be hard to maintain such hobbies if your residential building does not have a separate and free room. So, a new unit construction will help you with that.

To get additional rental income and add value to your property

Your property will become much more expensive the moment you finish your ADU project. If you sell it one day, you will win from this deal. Also, many residential property owners rent their ADUs out to strangers which gives additional stable income.

State Law Requirements

Before you start building an ADU in Orangevale, CA, we recommend you learn the basic rules of such construction in your area and comply with them. For example, state law prescribes the following:

What form is your Accessory Dwelling Unit?
Please select what the ADU will contain:
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How ADU builder Orangevale, California can help you?

We recommend you build an accessory dwelling unit on your land plot only together with professional builders. Having a trustworthy team with skilled specialists will ensure the best result.

Here is a list of things that a builder will do for you:

  • Interior and exterior design creation

Your first step would be a consultation with a designer and architect. A professional designer will develop a project based on your needs and preferences. An architect will suggest decisions for your lot`s siding, foundation, roof, windows, and other elements. You will discuss both the inner and outer look of your future unit and select suitable colors, materials, and furniture.

  • Building from scratch

The moment your project is ready, an experienced crew of builders will arrive to start the construction of your accessory dwelling unit. This includes both building and engineering aspects (plumbing and electricity works, walls and flooring construction, and other items).

  • Cleaning

After the process is complete, the team will make your new unit tidy and livable.

  • Responsibility

Professionals will promise that your ADU construction process will be finished on time, comply with the local laws, and follow the highest standards.

  • Warranty

Even so, there might be slight problems with your property after the project is over; a company will give you a guarantee to help if something bothers you.

How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

The market in Orangevale, CA, and nearby cities offer many decent contractors and builders that have been working for years and specialize in construction, engineering, remodeling, and all related tasks.

So, how to choose the best company for your property improvement? When you make a decision, take into account the following items:

What people say

A word of mouth is a powerful thing: you can easily find your top builder in minutes. All you have to do is to recall who has recently built an ADU among the people you know.

How the company is rated online

Checking online ratings, reviews, and comments makes a lot of sense. This will help you avoid hiring a dishonest business for your project.

What experience the team has

If the company has numerous years of experience and finished projects, consider hiring it for your needs. Talk to the manager and check out the entity`s completed works gallery.

ADU building service provider in Orangevale

If you need to improve your house with an ADU as soon as possible and have no time to research the market, here is a suggestion for you. Consider hiring the Advanced Remodeling company for your project.

It renders all services tied to ADU creation in Orangevale, CA: from the design development to engineering plans, from painting newly built walls to cleaning after all procedures are over. The pricing is fair, and plenty of content customers enjoy their units of the highest quality.

Those who are interested in ADUs can contact the company via any method that is convenient for them (phone, email, chat, and office visits). Advanced Remodeling will be happy to help and create a personalized plan that will bring you to your dream ADU in Orangevale, CA.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

Why should I build myself an ADU in Orangevale, CA?

ADUs are multipurpose structures that can be used to host your relatives and guests: to make room for your future children; organize a home office or a storage room, and for many other things. It is always better to have more space, and such units are the best solution.

How much will I pay to build an ADU in Orangevale, CA?

Your costs will depend on your structure`s type, size, and other features. Clients in Orangevale, CA, normally pay around 250 dollars per square foot.

How long will I wait for the project to finish?

You should be ready to wait and be patient because usually, such projects take at least half a year to be finished. However, some smaller lots can be built in four or five months. On the other hand, bigger units may take up to a year.


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