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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Lincoln, California

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One of the ways to enhance the comfort in your living place and invest in your property is the ADU building. Accessory dwelling units allow people to separate living areas for different generations or change the purposes of already existing units.

If you build an ADU correctly and make it suitable for residing, you can rent it out or accommodate your guests there. Anyway, the trend for the construction of accessory building units in California is reasonable and is worth considering.

ADU Lincoln, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

Living in Lincoln, CA you may notice that it became popular to construct additional units at your property. If you are a property owner, you can do the same without any problems and create an additional living space for your family. Furthermore, ADU can be a source of income if you rent it out. Regardless of your purposes, Advanced Remodeling can help you in this task as we have built accessory dwelling units for our customers successfully for a long time.

Building a secondary unit is complicated as it requires knowledge in design, architecture, and construction. You should obtain skills in these spheres to build accessory dwelling units successfully or hire professionals for this task. They will tell you more about the process of ADU construction and help you with the building.

Read this article if you want to learn more about ADUs construction, their types, and the hiring of builders.

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How ADU builder Lincoln, California can help you?

Firstly, you should understand what ADU is and which different types of such constructions exist. A building company can help you to decide on the type of unit and its design. Also, they provide recommendations on how to manage this process and offer their services for accessory dwelling unit building.

So, there are four main types of secondary units that you can choose to build at your property:

  • Attached ADU;
  • Conversion ADU;
  • Detached ADU;
  • Junior ADU.

You can understand the difference between these ADUs from their names. For example, the attached type of unit can is a construction connected to the primary house. This unit allows you to enlarge the area of your living space and add a room. On the contrary, a detached ADU is a building located in your backyard and it does not have a connection with the main house. Usually, homeowners use detached ADUs as a living place for family members, guests, or rent them out. As regards junior ADUs, they are similar to detached ones, but their size is smaller. Thus, the area of such a unit cannot exceed 500 square feet. Finally, a converted unit can be constructed based on a garage or another building.

If you do not know how to choose a suitable type of ADU, you can get our advice. Experts working in Advanced Remodeling will describe different ADUs and their advantages. It will allow you to make a reasonable choice and start working on the ADU construction.

Our services cover all steps of accessory dwelling unit construction such as:

  • Measurement of the property;
  • Planning a new unit including its layout and design;
  • Purchase and delivery of materials from our partners;
  • Construction of a unit;
  • Preparing of a unit;
  • Installation of appliances, furniture, plumbing, and electricity;
  • Decoration;
  • Collection of needed documents for a unit registration.

When you hire a builder you do not need to worry about legal issues that may appear during a registration process. Advanced Remodeling will help you to collect papers and pay permit fees required by state law. We manage all these procedures by ourselves to save the time of our property owners. Our company knows all regulations set by the state law in California and has building permits. It means that the secondary unit will be registered legally according to state regulations.

Hiring a building company will make the process of ADU construction easier for you. So, you can have more free time and save your energy for more important tasks. Come to our office in Lincoln to start working on custom designs for your future ADU.

How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

As it is becoming popular to add constructions on a backyard or build attached units, the number of offers for such services has increased. Nowadays, many building companies in Lincoln provide their services for building granny flats at affordable prices. However, you should choose the builder wisely to construct a perfect unit.

Make sure that the company you search for corresponds to the following characteristics:

  • Positive reputation;
  • Experience in building ADUs;
  • Average pricing;
  • Cooperation with hardware stores;
  • Focus on customer satisfaction;
  • Legally operating in California;
  • Certified services.

If you choose the builder who has a big experience in the construction industry and is well-known among residents and your friends for an excellent job in Lincoln, you can be sure that the process of ADU building will be pleasant for you. Moreover, it will allow you to construct the unit based on your ideas and create a comfortable living place for your guests.

By the way, Advanced Remodeling is one of the best providers of building services in the Sacramento area. We are ready to help you to determine the purposes of ADU building and implement your wishes into reality. We have a local department in Lincoln, so you can visit our office and get acquainted with our projects and construction procedure.

Having a property you can easily increase its value by the building of attached or detached ADUs. Contact us to ask questions related to project development, schedule of work, and construction of the unit in general. Our professional team is always ready to help you and create specific plans of work for particular cases in Lincoln.

ADU building service provider in Lincoln

Searching for a construction service provider in Lincoln, you can choose Advanced Remodeling. We hire only professionals in the spheres of design and engineering. Our company complies with all state requirements, and our projects always get approval from the Housing Department of California.

Moreover, we have partners in the building industry and they supply only top-quality materials for our projects. You can save your time as we will find all appliances and needed items for your project by ourselves at the lowest prices. Regardless of the type of ADU that you want to construct, we will make the project affordable for you.

Also, Advanced Remodeling offers free estimates for the unit construction and the strict schedule of our work. We will complete the work on time and you will be able to enjoy it with your family in a short time. There is no need to bother yourself with construction and spend your free time on it as our team will manage the whole process.

When you decide to increase the value of your property or create an additional residential unit, contact Advanced Remodeling. We will start working on your project as soon as possible to complete the ADU construction on time and improve the functionality of your property in Lincoln, CA.

Advanced Remodeling operates not only in Lincoln but also in other cities of Sacramento area:

  • Folsom;
  • Gold River;
  • Rancho Cordova;
  • Elk Grove;
  • El Dorado Hills, and others.

Find the Advanced Remodeling office in one of the served areas and visit it to get free estimates and build the ADU of your dream with the best team of specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What are the requirements for an ADU in California?

The state law regulates the number of ADUs allowed, their sizes, and locations. Thus, you can add only one secondary unit to your property. Also, the maximum size of the construction is 800 square feet with a maximum height of 16 feet. Furthermore, the new construction must be located no closer than five feet from a front property line. A renovation company will consider all rules while working on your project.

Do you need a permit for ADU in California?

Yes, property owners have to obtain building permits to make any constructions on their territory. Additionally, you must get a permit for building an ADU, which depends on the type of unit. Permits will allow you to register the ADU and use it legally as a residence for your family member or other purposes.

Is there a minimum size for an ADU in California?

The minimum lot size for a secondary unit is 150 square feet, according to California law. Pay attention to the fact that the size of a unit depends on its type. Thus, junior ADUs are smaller than other types of constructions. It can influence the registration process as permits differ for these units.

How much are permits for Adu in California?

The cost of a permit varies according to the size and the type of the unit. For example, if you build a converted unit, the fee for a permit will be smaller. Also, the value of a permit is estimated based on the size of added living space. You will pay less for a small accessory dwelling unit in California. The price for permits starts at $1,800 and can reach a maximum of $8,000.


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