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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in La Riviera, California

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Accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is an additional residential building on your site. It can be constructed into the main house or built independently. ADU can accommodate one or more people, for example, your guests, kids, or other relatives. Like a usual home, ADU should include living and sleeping conditions, cooking and eating facilities, and sanitary necessities as a multi-family or single-family home.

To make everything work out quality and worthy, do not delay contacting experienced construction specialists! In this overview, you will learn what steps to take to select the right enterprise. We will introduce you to the building regulations of the State of California. You will learn about building permits, including the height and minimum size of the structure. We will also tell you how to find a good contractor with extensive experience near your location. The Advanced Remodeling company is an expert in building accessory dwelling units of all types. A qualified team will help you with advice and action to make other structures near your primary residence.

ADU La Riviera, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

As it was mentioned, ADU is an independent living space on a personal plot. By building one accessory dwelling unit, you actually get a second home near your primary residence. This property may be connected to the existing space or located separately. Raising ADU is becoming very popular in the Los Angeles area, as it is an especially convenient way to expand your living space for yourself or make space for guests, children, and relatives. One accessory dwelling unit is also attractive for potential buyers if you plan to sell your real estate.

You can implement such property in many ways - by adding an additional room to existing units or by building detached ADUs on your location. Even a garage can be converted into a comfortable place for a pleasant stay. It can be registered as the properties of single-family or as multi-family properties.

How ADU Builder La Riviera, California Can Help You?

If you are a resident of La Riviera, Ca, we strongly advise you to contact experienced and competent companies to create an accessory dwelling unit on your site, which will suit your abilities and wishes. The Advanced Remodeling will be an excellent companion in the implementation of your project according to state law, whether it be a guest house, a children's house, a granny flat, or a cottage.

You can apply for construction assistance with a variety of requests. As it was mentioned, ADU can be a standalone property or an addition to the existing building. Moreover, it can vary in size, in which case it is divided into standard and junior. As you might guess, the junior accessory dwelling unit, also known as JADU, is a smaller area. In case you decide to convert a ready-made room, for example, an existing garage, for ADU with a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom, this type is called conversion ADU.

You can contact the Advanced Remodeling company for the following services:

The Advanced Remodeling company's specialists treat their work with full responsibility. They build accessory dwelling units attached to California state law and meet all necessary requirements for the property.

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How to Hire an ADU Service Provider Near Me?

When choosing a service provider for the construction of ADU, pay attention to the following things:

  • Portfolio. Before ordering assistance from the company, feel free to ask for a portfolio and familiarize yourself with complete projects. This will give you a better understanding of the company's capabilities.
  • Reviews and ratings. The opinion of the people who cooperated with the company is of great importance. You will understand how competent the team is, whether it was able to satisfy the client's requests and whether it is good at communication with a person.
  • Licensing. Before you start working with a company, check that it has permissions and licenses. Building a house always involves legal issues, so the company must be competent and certified in this matter.

Of course, first of all, start from personal preferences and financial capabilities. Search for relevant projects to see which style suits you best. The key to good organization is a carefully crafted plan with a corresponding schedule. At the same time, sensibly assess your financial resources. Searching for qualified services at an affordable price can take time, but it is worth it. The Advanced Remodeling company's specialists will do your project at the highest level, taking into account your budget, regardless of the type of accessory dwelling unit.

You will be provided with a detailed construction plan as well as an estimate so that you can control your costs.

ADU Building Service Provider in La Riviera

The Advanced Remodeling company will satisfy your requests on a professional level, approved by license.

Whether it is standard or junior accessory dwelling units, detached or attached ADU, the qualified team will do everything possible to get it done.

  • The price for all types of services is justified and affordable. So the new construction on your site will bring you a positive experience!
  • You can be convinced of the quality of work by examining the completed projects that the team will gladly provide. You will also understand the breadth of possibilities in erecting and designing. Also, pay attention to the rating and reviews of their work on forums and various Internet resources. All our customers are delighted and satisfied and recommend us to their friends and relatives!
  • Do not doubt that high-quality materials and equipment will be used in the new construction on your site! The company strictly complies with California building code and fire safety regulations. Your ADU will be durable and safe at different levels, including fire protection.
  • Since the beginning of 2020, a law has been in force, according to which additional housing is allowed to be built, not only for single-family properties. Now both owners of an individual house and residents of multi-family houses can build ADU. For owners of multi-family dwellings, it is allowed to have one dwelling unit for four apartments.
  • The new law also introduces some concessions. This applies, for example, to the question of the residence of the homeowner where ADU is built. Under the updated rules, the owner is not required to live in the area with ADU. You are also allowed to build premises up to 75 square meters, including JADU. JADU should be located within the main space or ancillary structure such as a garage. For now, every family can own one of standard ADU and JADU.
  • Now about the size of the structure. The minimum lot size is 14 square meters. The usual building size is about 75 square meters. It can be doubled, then its area increases to 90 square meters. If you want to have a larger area, you should individually check this possibility with the planning department.
  • We talked a little about fire safety measures. Keep in mind that the premises are not equipped with fire sprinklers according to local regulations. The Advances Remodeling uses traditional fire safety measures in accordance with all requirements.

These are the basic legal requirements in Los Angeles. Advanced Remodeling clearly follows them and has a license. However, we recommend having a discussion with your local planning department before starting the facility, as legislation may change.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How Much Does it Cost to Build an ADU in La Riviera?

The question of the price of building ADU is certainly one of the paramount. The breadth of costs is between $60,000 and $350,000. To find out the final cost, it is necessary to take into account the size and complexity of the design, as well as the type. One JADU, or junior ADU, will cost less than a standard ADU. Depending on whether it will be an extension, a detached structure, or a garage, the price of the costs will vary. The calculation is also influenced by the accessibility of the construction site and the quality of the material used.

Can I Build an ADU on My Property?

Your personal territory is a great opportunity to build ADU on it and expand your existing space. If you have the required amount of finances, the purpose of use, and ideas for implementation, then nothing stops you from creating ADU. In the review above, you can get acquainted with the features and benefits of this type of construction on your property. The construction of ADU is a very convenient and profitable solution, which is also very popular in La Riviera.

Is There a Maximum Size For an ADU?

Eight hundred square feet is the allowable and common area of ADU for single-family properties, according to California Residential Code. Sizes above this are acceptable for double ADU, but up to 1000 square feet. To build an ADU in an even larger area, it will be necessary for an owner to approve such a possibility in the planning department. As for the height, for free-standing additional structures, it is 16 feet. If it is an extension to the main dwelling, then the allowable height reaches 30 feet.


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