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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Granite Bay, California

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Sometimes various circumstances of your life make you think that it is time to expand your real property and construct an additional building. For example, you may be expecting a baby or desperately seek a solution for your home office.

For such cases, there is a convenient way to have more space and make yourself comfortable: to build accessory dwelling units (or ADUs). An ADU is a fantastic method to broaden your real estate that is currently extremely popular in California.

There are different types of accessory dwelling units that fit different life situations. In our quick review, we will help you navigate and explain why people keep building ADU structures, why it is essential to ask for help from a team of experienced builders, and who can construct an ADU for you in the Granite Bay area successfully. We will also remind you there are some state laws and requirements that regulate the ADU topic in California.

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Accessory Dwelling Units

We will start with the basic information that might be useful for readers who have no idea what an ADU is and why they may need one.

Why do people build ADU structures?

There are plenty of reasons to build accessory dwelling units regardless of your age, occupation, and income level. We will outline a couple of these reasons — if you recognize your case in one of them, you should consider creating an accessory dwelling unit on your land plot for sure. Believe us; this step will improve your life`s quality at times.

Accessory dwelling units serve multi-family and single-family homes owners as the following:

Housing for their parents and other elder relatives

Not for nothing, accessory dwelling units are often called granny flats. Building such a structure is a perfect way to host your aging parents if they feel lonely and you want to be closer to them. A detached unit will work brilliantly for such aims; you will be able to keep your distance from your family members and be within arm`s reach at the same time.

Home office or studio

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home used to be not so typical. However, when the pandemic started, many people transformed their work mode and begun to work remotely. However, plenty of employees have suffered from a lack of adequate workplace or home office in their living space.

If you have a big family, working from home might turn into hell. Constant distractions, noise, and other factors will leave you without any chance to complete your daily business tasks. That is why creating an ADU that will become your home office is a fantastic idea. Also, if you work as an artist or have a hobby that requires more space than just a small room, a unit will solve the problem.

Another room for family members

Sometimes you just need to enlarge your place because you are going to have a baby soon or your family grows with your siblings or your partner`s relatives who need to live in your house for a certain period. This is a great moment to construct an accessory dwelling unit.

An asset that increases your property value

Imagine that someday you will sell or rent your place. Building secondary units is a great investment that will make your estate more expensive and attractive for big families seeking spacious objects. You can consult a realtor to understand what ADU will be acceptable on your land plot to increase your estate`s cost.


If you love parties and have guests at your place all the time, an ADU construction will solve numerous problems and help you host as many people overnight as you want. One ADU can fit a great number of bedrooms and allow guests to stay with you in comfort.

Storage room

You may have way too much stuff that has no place in your moderate house. Besides, there might be no garage near your house. What can you do? Consider building an ADU, even the tiniest one, to organize all your things and free your primary house. Besides a storage room, you can build an additional bedroom and bathroom in this unit just in case (unexpected visitors mentioned before and so on).

Now that you know why accessory dwelling units make sense, you may need to know more about ADU's types and applicable laws. This knowledge will help you understand what your future unit should look like.

ADU's types

Some readers may consider that such units are only detached structures that stand near the main house. However, there are more types of units that one can select and build near their home.

  • Detached ADU

This is one of the most popular types because if you choose it, you will have a separate unit that has external access and look more like a fully-fledged home for one or two people.

  • Attached ADU

Selecting an attached unit means that your ADU will be connected to your primary home and will have access (a door) from your home. The attached units are a smart move if your aim is to create a room for your future kid, for example. However, an attached structure might not work if you want to build a guest house that will host many visitors.

  • Converted ADU

If you have a garage that you never use, you can easily reconstruct it in a certain way and it will become an ADU.

  • Junior ADU

The only feature that distinguishes a junior ADU from other types is its size. It cannot be more than 500 square feet.

Requirements by the state law

There are several regulations by state law that you should follow when you start the ADU's new construction. For example, the rules are the following:

  • There is a minimum lot size requirement: it must be at least 150 square feet. Otherwise, according to state law, it cannot be considered a residential building.
  • For single-family homes, one unit is allowed. For an owner-occupied house, you can build two ADUs in your property lines.
  • If your unit contains one bedroom, it should be no more than 850 square feet. For two-bedroom ADUs, 1,000 square feet are allowed.
  • For a detached unit, setbacks should be 4 feet or less.
  • Normally, you need to get a building permit to construct such structures on your land plot.

These are the basic rules that currently apply in the area. However, remember that state law has a tendency to change, so it is better to read the law updates and talk to local lawyers before you start new construction.

How ADU builder Granite Bay, California can help you?

Typically, all ADU's builders that work in the Granite Bay area are capable of a full set of works — from the exterior and interior design of your future unit to its construction from flooring to roof. That is why homeowners prefer to hire a team of experienced specialists rather than doing everything on their own.

When you hire a contractor that is interested in finishing your project in time, here is what you get at a reasonable price, step by step:

  • Design development

Your future ADU should look amazing both on the inside and outside. A smart designer will take care of your structure`s style and present their ideas on paper. You will simply have to talk to them and share your own vision, wishes, and demands.

  • Construction

Right before your eyes, a new house with real walls, flooring, and roof will appear. It will be a long process but it is worth observing. When it is finally over, you will easily understand why you have hired professionals: the results will be impressive.

  • Furniture and Appliances Installation

A decent company will not only build a housing structure for you but also assist when it is time to install your new furnishing pieces and domestic appliances.

  • Guarantees

During the construction of your property, you are guaranteed that all employees are aware of the local law and Placer County requirements, and you will not face trouble in the future.

After your structure is built, a company will guarantee that you can call in case of any breakages or other problems. A team representative will arrive and deal with anything that bothers you in your new place.

  • High-quality service

Every homeowner enjoys how managers and other employees take care of them during a project and how fast all questions are answered. Your case will not be an exception.

How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

Hiring a contractor in your area requires a bit of research. This is no difficult process; here are a couple of recommendations you can follow when you search for a construction team.

  • Read reviews from customers to see what strengths and weaknesses this or that contractor has. Most likely, there will be no ideal option with only 5-star reviews; however, this increases the chance to find an experienced team.
  • Ask for a license before your project begins. In Placer County, having a valid license is essential for all entities working in the building industry.
  • Look through the chosen team`s portfolio. If you like the works you see and the cost suits your expectations, maybe it is your perfect option.

ADU building service provider in Granite Bay

If you feel like skipping the research part and would like to contact your best crew right away, the Advanced Remodeling company is happy to offer its ADU construction services in the area.

The team has worked on multiple ADU development projects and has provided numerous Placer County homeowners with units of fantastic quality. The pricing is fair, and many clients keep turning to the company over and over again not only for new construction needs but also for massive renovation projects and other orders.

The gallery with finished projects is available on the entity`s site. To find out more details, you can reach the company through its phone number, email address, or a chat that works on its webpage. Consult with the company`s managers to start your project development right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How much does it cost to build an ADU?

Of course, there is no unified answer to this question because all people have different requirements for their future ADUs. However, the average construction will cost around 25o dollars per square foot.

Why should I build such a structure?

There are multiple reasons why a person can add such a structure to their property. Among the most widespread are hosting their parents or grandparents; organizing a home office; increasing their real estate value, and others.

How long does it take to construct an ADU?

Depending upon the size and other factors, you will wait for 3-6 months to get your structure. This is an approximate estimate; in some cases, people have to wait a little more and bear extra costs due to unexpected situations. Hiring a professional crew minimizes such risks.
Depending upon the size and other factors, you will wait for 3-6 months to get your structure. This is an approximate estimate; in some cases, people have to wait a little more and bear extra costs due to unexpected situations. Hiring a professional crew minimizes such risks.


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