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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Elk Grove, California

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Building accessory dwelling units (or ADUs) is a stable trend in California, and the state law gets less strict about such buildings, allowing more and more people to create a decent livable space near their existing multifamily dwelling structures and eliminating various restrictions. Single-family homes also get accessory dwelling units around.

There are multiple advantages a property owner gets from constructing an accessory dwelling unit in their property line. It is a great opportunity to enlarge your existing living area and get a multipurpose building that you can use in any way you like in addition to your primary dwelling unit.

In our review, we will define what an accessory dwelling unit is in general, what benefits one can get from building such a unit, and why it is important to hire a professional team to build oneself an ADU.

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Accessory Dwelling Units

While some homeowners order a project that lets them have an accessory dwelling unit that accompanies their existing primary residence, others are still unsure about this construction type. Some people do not even know what an accessory dwelling unit is and how they can use it.

So, we will begin with a brief explanation of accessory dwelling units types and then jump to the reasons why residents in Elk Grove prefer these units for new construction and what the basic laws are.

Accessory Dwelling Units Types

Generally, there are four types of accessory dwelling units that homeowners in Elk Grove and Sacramento County build on their land plots. Regardless of the type you select for yourself, you will get a convenient building that you will be able to use for multiple aims.

  • Detached ADUs

A detached accessory dwelling unit is a unit that is not a part of your existing single-family dwelling unit or existing multifamily residential property. Because such accessory dwelling units are separate buildings, they are especially popular among real estate owners in the United States.

  • Attached ADUs

On the opposite side, there is an attached accessory dwelling unit that you can build close to your existing structure. An attached ADU is a great way to broaden your home if you realize that you need more space but do not want to get an additional building on your land plot. While you can get there through your primary dwelling unit, you can still have another exterior access from the outside.

  • Converted ADUs

People who have a garage or any other building that can be turned into a dwelling unit often decide to convert them into an ADU. This is a fantastic decision because it is often easier to convert an existing accessory structure than to start new construction. Of course, if your garage is not used for keeping a car or other purposes.

  • Junior ADUs

A junior accessory dwelling unit has a special requirement regarding its size: no more than 500 square feet. This is the only thing that distinguishes it from other ADU types. Still, this is usually enough for habitable space, and plenty for storage rooms.

All of these are a magnificent way to exceed your primary dwelling unit and make your life more comfortable. If you are still doubting and think that you do not need an ADU, here are the reasons for building one.

Why Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit Near Your Home

When homeowners decide they need an ADU next to their major home, they usually consider one or two of the four most common reasons and methods of such buildings` usage.

  • Hosting their parents

An ADU is a perfect decision for owners who have a single-family home and need to host their parents who get old and should receive special care and more attention. Detached accessory dwelling units are a great thing in these cases because they let people stay in the same location and keep normal relationships.

  • Growing the property's value

Even the smallest junior accessory dwelling unit will increase the price of your property if you ever want to sell or rent it. Your rental income from the estate or its selling price may grow significantly.

  • Creating a home office or a studio

If you work remotely or have hobbies that require additional space, an ADU is an amazing way to place an office or a studio. You can also use a unit to store things that do not fit in your primary dwelling unit.

  • Hosting your friends and other guests

This is a way to use your future accessory dwelling unit if you are a party lover or simply a person who has friends and relatives coming and going all the time. For such situations, people usually prefer building detached accessory dwelling units.

Local Laws

There are certain regulations and building standards for accessory dwelling units offered by the Elk Grove and California governments.

Ensure that your future accessory dwelling unit meets the local requirements before you build one. ADUs in Elk Grove should match the following criteria:

  • Minimum size

In Elk Grove, you cannot build an ADU smaller than 150 square feet.

  • Maximum height

Your ADU`s height cannot surpass your primary home`s height.

  • Certain design guidelines

You should ensure that your accessory dwelling unit complies with your multifamily or single-family home in terms of design, materials, and architectural style.

In 2020, the local government allows all residents to build an ADU — regardless of whether they have a single- or multi-family primary home.

There are also various requirements that explain ADUs in terms of yard setbacks (for one, rear yard setback for fire safety), required minimum interior, total existing multifamily units, and other points. Before you construct an ADU, remember to check all the updates in the local law. It would be best if you hire a professional entity that will help you not only with creating an ADU but also with building it legally and correctly.

A company that works with ADUs projects and construction on a daily basis knows these restrictions and follows the updates to provide its customers with the service of best quality. Below, you will find out how else a professional company that represents the construction industry can help you with your unit.

How can ADU builder Elk Grove, California, help you?

Along with knowing local laws and restrictions, an experienced ADU builder has many other things to offer. Here is how it will help you if you wish to hire it to implement your construction contemplated in the near future.

Developing your project on paper

With the help of professional designers and architects that a building company will assign for your project, you will be able to form your ideas into a full-fledged construction plan.

At this stage, you will determine how your unit will look like, how many square feet it will have, what it will look like, and other details. Whether you want to build an attached, detached, converted, or junior accessory dwelling unit, specialists will turn your ideas into a perfect building.

Implementing your project in real life

After your project is ready on paper, a team that consists of builders, plumbers, electricians, and other specialists will begin to build.

Any construction is a complex process with many pitfalls and unexpected moments. The team will try to complete everything as smoothly as possible, including setting all the plumbing, electricity, and HVAC essentials, constructing walls, doors, windows, and ceiling, laying floors, purchasing and installing materials and furniture, and other related actions.

By the way, companies that work in the construction industry normally offer their customers some discounts to purchase top-quality materials at lower prices. This is another reason for hiring professionals instead of taking all the risks and creating a building on your own.

Providing you with guarantees

Experienced and trustworthy entities will declare their responsibility and promise you a warranty. This will be reflected in the contract you sign prior to the building process.

If something bothers you in your ADU after the team`s job is done, you will always be able to contact the company's employees and ask for help.

Cleaning all the mess

Construction works require careful cleaning and taking massive garbage away. This task should be given to professionals who will do it quicker and better than anyone else.

How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

Finding such providers in Elk Grove is not that difficult. There are certain criteria such companies should meet.

Check them before you sign any.

  • Building permits and license
  • Vast portfolio and experience
  • Clients` reviews with photos and detailed comments.

Analyze each point from the above before you decide to hire a certain company. This will guarantee the successful outcome of your project.

ADU building service provider in Elk Grove

Among other providers that work in Elk Grove, we suggest you contact the Advanced Remodeling company. It has been working in the sphere for many years now, making locals happy with their projects completed on time and without any problems. The company can boast a large gallery of completed ADUs and experienced workers who are ready for projects of any complexity.

You can easily reach the company's managers through various channels: an online messenger at its website, a phone number, or an email address. Also, the team will be happy to see you in their office and provide you with an offline consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

How much will I pay to get myself an ADU?

It is hard to predict how much your unit will cost because there are various factors that affect your project`s price. For instance, among such factors are size, materials, and your building`s content. However, there are average numbers that give us the idea of how much people pay for such units in the state of California: from 50,000 dollars to infinity (well, let's say 350,000-400,000 dollars).

What should I consider when constructing an ADU?

There are several requirements for each such building in California that you should be aware of before you start any building procedures in your property lines. They relate to the unit's maximum height, building envelope, size in square feet, zoning designation, and other points. You can secure yourself from mistakes and problems by hiring a professional builder that will complete the project in compliance with all the existing rules and applicable building code requirements.

Where does your team operate besides Elk Grove?

Our company helps people obtain ADUs of the greatest quality in different Sacramento areas like West Sacramento, Florin, Shingle Springs, Granite Bay, and others. We invite you to contact us and visit our office to begin building a dream ADU for you.


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