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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Cameron Park, California

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Whether you wish for the total cost of your property to increase or you need an extra home office zone, an accessory dwelling unit might be the perfect solution. Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are an addition to your main dwelling unit. The accessory structure allows you to utilize the empty part of the lot even more.

Accessory dwelling units can be used by the homeowners in a great variety of ways. Who could have thought that such a small addition to your existing residence can bring so much profit and use? If you would like to know all the details about the perks of ADUs and general requirements for them, keep on reading.

There is a lot to deal with when it comes to building accessory dwelling units. Luckily, Advanced Remodeling is always ready to save you. The thorough layout of the new construction and everything that you wish for in terms of the building structure will be provided in the best quality by the experienced professionals.

ADU Cameron Park, CA Accessory Dwelling Units

If the name "accessory dwelling unit" does not ring a bell, maybe you know these types of buildings under the different labels. Many people call ADUs granny flats, in-law units, and second units. Basically, all of the names indicate the same thing. It is the additional residential premise that is placed near the primary dwelling unit that you have.

As an addition to your primary residence, ADU can be utilized for several purposes. You can treat it as the home office or studio, which became especially convenient for those who started working from home as the pandemic hit. Another great solution is to move your aging parents or other elderly relatives to live there (hence the name "granny flat"). Such a residential method will allow you to take proper care of them at any time. Also, there is an option of making a guest house out of the ADU.

In Cameron Park, accessory dwelling units of several types are allowed:

The names pretty much indicate the structure of each type, however, for those who have never heard of ADUs, we want to explain a little bit further. A detached unit is placed on the property lot and it is not connected to the existing structure. The attached ones, on the other hand, can be new construction or reconstruction of something like an attached garage. The main point is that they are connected with the main dwelling.

A junior accessory dwelling unit is a new construction that is generally smaller in size and it also might share a bathroom with the house. A junior ADU can be used as an extension to single family homes, and they usually have one bedroom or other needed premises that do not take much space.

There are numerous necessary building permits and ADU requirements that a property owner has to meet before creating new accessory dwelling units in Cameron Park. Moreover, to complete the construction process by yourself it would take a lot of time and effort. If you do not feel like dealing with it all by yourself, you can use the services of Advanced Remodeling.

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How ADU builder Cameron Park, California can help you?

Planning a new construction isn't the easiest thing, especially for those who have never had such an experience. Starting with the building permit application and ending with the right materials and measurements to use, there are many variables that you have to keep in mind. Many homeowners give up their dream to have an ADU because of these complications.

However, you do not have to be one of them. Advanced Remodeling is one of the most successful building companies not only in Cameron Park, El Dorado County, but in California as well. Advanced Remodeling can help you to create a new ADU of great quality without any efforts from your side.

As with any building process, ADUs require several permits to be received. To get them, the construction should meet all the necessary criteria:

  • Single-family units can have at least one ADU, and if they are owner occupied, additional junior ADU can be built. Multi-family parcels are permitted to have ADUs for each four existing property dwellings.
  • The minimum property lot size is not established by the state law and zoning standards, there are no restrictions on this matter.
  • The size of any living unit should be no less than 150 square feet.
  • The maximum sizes of ADUs are 850 square feet (if there is only one bedroom) and 1000 square feet (if there are two bedrooms). Junior ADUs should be no bigger than 500 square feet.
  • Any property line should be at most 4 feet away from the detached ADU. There are no zoning standards for other types of accessory units.
  • Although you are not required to provide fire sprinklers, it is advised to have other safety measures that protect the construction from fire.

As you can see, to build even one ADU, you have to make sure that everything is right in your project. To avoid making any mistakes, you can contact Advanced Remodeling and get an advanced plan on how to get all the needed permits and build the ADU that you wish for.

How to hire an ADU service provider near me?

Finding a good company that meets all your requirements in terms of quality, time, and prices sometimes might be a difficult task. To understand whether a construction business is good for you, you should check it for several criteria.

1 - Licenses and permits

According to the state law, a construction business must have the necessary building licenses and a permit to perform construction. When you check this legal stuff, you provide safety to you and everyone who lives with you. Those permissions make the company legible and serve as a proof of the quality of their work.

2 - Project overview

Always check other projects that the company has already completed. Usually, there are portfolios or photo reports in the company's social media. By doing this, you will make a picture in your head of what your future ADU might look like, as every business has its own style of building. You will also know what to expect once your project is done.

3 - Reviews of clients

One of the most important and often used methods for checking the reliability of the company is reading reviews. See what other customers have to say, whether they like their work and are they satisfied with the finished result. People's opinions can save you from undesirable problems and head you to the right choice.

4 - Cost of construction ADU

Some construction providers will offer you only the most expensive services and materials in order to get as much profit from you as they can. Others will neglect the choice of the quality tools and materials for the sake of lower price, which might result in unsafe building. It is important to pick the company that allows you to regulate the cost according to your wants and preferences, while still providing quality work.

Advanced Remodeling meets all the criteria that you need to make the best ADU in Cameron Park. For further information, check the next section where we tell everything about our company.

ADU building service provider in Cameron Park

Advanced Remodeling can create a new ADU for you and also renovate your kitchen or bathroom, or even offer some plumbing services. The company has been around since the 1990s, and the long experience of work has made a great reputation of Advanced Remodeling.

Many existing projects and positive reviews from previous clients allow the company to claim the name of one of the best construction services providers in California. No matter what your visions are, Advanced Remodeling can make them come to life.

The professional workers that have all the relevant knowledge and skills are happy to consult you and start the project right away. The company has all the license and permit papers that are required by state law. The equipment and materials used by our builders are of the best quality and ecologically safe.

If you want to make more use out of your living area, build an ADU next to your manufactured home. To do so with ease and almost no effort, you can hire Advanced Remodeling. We can not only make a new construction for you, but also arrange planning consultations with specialists and get the project approved by the governmental authorities.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What is the price of building an ADU in California?

A new construction of an accessory dwelling unit differs in price depending on different factors. Such things as ADU size, the price of materials, the type of your ADU (attached or detached), and many other factors can make the final price smaller or bigger. Moreover, you might have to pay additional charges like permit fees and impact fees.

Does an ADU have a minimum size in California?

According to the existing residential rules of California, the smallest that the accessory dwelling units can be is 150 square feet. This limitation applies to any residential units, not only the ADU size. However, there are no restrictions on the minimum size of the property lot, where you place your ADU.

Does Cameron Park, CA, allow ADU?

Yes, you can start a new construction of ADU in Cameron Park, California. However, the construction of ADUs requires following several regulations about the size, height, and placement on the lot. You also have to get building permits to make your construction legal.

How many bedrooms are allowed in ADUs in California?

Depending on the purpose of your ADU, you might have one, two, or no bedrooms at all. If you are planning to use the place as a guest house, you might want to make as much sleeping space as possible, and it would be better to put two bedrooms. However, if you are turning ADU into an office, you might not even include any bedrooms in the planning.


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