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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Antelope, California

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Antelope, CA, is an area in Sacramento County, California. It represents a wonderful and peaceful place for living close to nature. Among its sights is a famous Antelope community park with a square of 34 acres attracting visitors and dwellers.

Being a happy owner of the house located at your family-owned residential lot in Antelope, CA, you are likely to think about how to improve your existing space and gain some additional area for various purposes without spending an enormous amount of funds as compared to buying the completely new housing.

In this review, we will be glad to provide you with useful pieces of information concerning your private property optimization and getting maximum benefits as a result of this activity.

What Do Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Antelope, CA Represent?

An accessory dwelling unit represents an additional dwelling structure built within the residential lot close to the primary residence owned by a single-family. The accessory dwelling unit is often abbreviated as ADU and is very often used this way.

Accessory dwelling units can be of the following main types:

As you see, almost every living space can be somehow arranged to create a new additional area for your living conditions to improve.

Benefits of ADU Construction

ADU construction has become popular within the last decades. It is not surprising as the construction of more housing units has numerous advantages for any homeowner.

The benefits of building accessory dwelling units are as follows:

Thus if you have an opportunity to perform the construction of a new accessory dwelling unit or to turn a part of your house into the ADU, use this benefit to improve your living conditions or financial situation significantly.

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How Can ADU Builder Antelope, California Help You?

To have your ADU built, you have to perform a great deal of preparatory work, essentially connected with compliance with all the regulations for the dwelling accessory structures erection established in your area.

Let us review the main regulations which you have to observe when considering your planned unit development in Antelope, CA, as well as in Sacramento, California:

  • On the territory of the state, only attached ADU, detached ADU, and junior ADU are allowed to be built
  • The minimum lot size where ADU is planned to be constructed has to be not less than 5200 square feet
  • Every detached ADU unit must have the independent access
  • All the ADU projects do not imply a parking place. It is not allowed by state law.
  • The maximum height of the detached new single-unit dwelling must not exceed 16 feet. Besides, the ADU total area is limited by 800 square feet irrespective of the lot type (single-family homes or multi-family)
  • The new ADU design must comply with the primary dwelling unit design and the infill residential development standards established on the territory of the state.

So, without complying with the above-mentioned regulations, it is impossible for you to get all the necessary permits from the state Housing and Community Development to start your accessory dwelling unit construction.

To get rid of these routine activities, we strongly recommend you call for a trustworthy construction contractor who can be responsible for both the preparatory procedures and for your new ADU design and building.

How to Hire the Reliable ADU Service Provider Near Me?

As we have already mentioned, the preparatory procedures to get an additional dwelling unit are not that exciting and pleasant because they require a lot of paperwork and coordination. Why not entrust settling these preparation issues, ADU project development as well as the ADU building itself to a reliable contractor or an ADU service provider?

It is not that difficult to find a reliable ADU service provider if you pay attention to some details while looking for it:

  • The contractor's experience is confirmed by the excellent portfolio demonstrating numerous various completed ADU projects
  • Awareness of the state law and regulations related to the accessory dwelling units' construction
  • Clear cost estimates and absence of the hidden costs
  • Satisfactory reviews of the former customers which are generally available on the Internet

As nowadays the market of general construction contractors is saturated enough, and competitiveness is constantly increasing, a good experienced ADU provider can offer you the best turnkey solutions at an affordable price to fit your budget.

ADU Building Service Provider in Antelope

Advanced Remodeling is the leading general contractor in the Antelope area offers its customers a wide range of construction and remodeling services (including accessory dwelling units building) and operates all over California, including San Francisco and Sacramento County with all its numerous areas.

We are ready to bring to life any complicated ADU project including the whole ADU project design, complying with setback requirements and height restrictions. We provide you with a detailed plan taking into account the property lot coverage. We will be happy to take into consideration all the details and decrease your project expenditures to the maximum.

If you sign a service agreement with our company you get the following:

  • Detailed architectural plans and your ADU project development
  • Costs estimates
  • Acquiring building permits
  • Materials purchase using special prices and discounts provided by our reliable partners
  • Construction work performance

Once you sign an ADU design and building contract with us it won't require paying extra money. We guarantee you the absence of any hidden costs.

ADU Sacramento

As far as you see, whether you desire to gain extra space without the new expensive property purchase, or to obtain an additional income in the Sacramento area, building an accessory dwelling unit is the best solution, considering the fact that expenses are minimal as compared to the completely new primary dwelling unit construction which can require major new infrastructure, structured parking and other additional necessary details.

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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What is the average ADU cost in Antelope, CA?

ADU project implementation requires extensive preparatory work including the project development, costs calculations, purchase of the necessary materials for the ADU construction and finishing, and the construction works. All these stages cost a pretty penny. But of course, whatever budget you have you can get an individual turnkey solution fitting it. The price of a standard detached accessory dwelling unit in Antelope, Sacramento amounts from 100000 US dollars up to 200000 US dollars and even more if you are planning to get something unusual.

Is it difficult to gain the ADU project building permits in Antelope, CA?

To gain the ADU building permits is not difficult but requires some time and money spent. The ADU permits cost amounts from about 2000 US dollars up to 8000 US dollars. The most exact price depends on the ADU type, its size, and the construction estimated value. The period within which the permits can be acquired is equal to 60 working days.

How many accessory dwelling units can I have in Antelope, CA?

The accessory dwelling units are considered affordable low-income households for single-family homes. According to the State Law of California, a primary single-family dwelling unit or a multi-family primary unit is allowed to build one ADU and one junior ADU. The main ADU can be either attached or detached, whereas the JADU can be only part of your already existing primary residence. Such a secondary structure can not represent the detached type of the ADU.

How long does it take to have the ADU in Antelope built?

The time spent on the ADU construction depends on numerous factors. Among them is the size of the future additional dwelling structure, its type (attached, detached, junior ADU, garage transformation, etc), a period spent for getting building permits. And yet, the approximate ADU building period amounts to 4-6 months for the standard project implementation, sometimes even longer (if the ADU construction project is complicated or some unusual solution is applied).


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